Brazilian city approves annual Orgasm Day

Now that is one cool holiday. Can you imagine the parades? Maybe people exchange gifts on Orgasm Day.

That’s it, I’m moving to Brazil!

Damnit, it’s more than six months until Orgasm Day!

A true Patriot doesn’t wait to celebrate Orgasm Day, they would practice Orgasms EVERY Day! It’s the Ameri- , um, I mean, the Brazilian Way!

Feh. I think every day is Orgasm Day.

I saw that one coming for some time now.


The inspiration for greatness:

I fondly recall staying up on Orgasm Eve, and starting in right at the stroke of midnight. I could never wait until morning!

I only wish I still believed in the spirit of Orgasm…:frowning:

Did you notice the name of the town?

Ja estas la internacia lingvo de seksumo!!

I can’t wait for the Charlie Brown special.

It’s the Great Orgasm, Charlie Brown ?

Oh great…I was hoping for another holiday where everyone’s expected to sit on some guy’s lap and tell him exactly what they want.

God Dammit, do you people know that I need to sleep later? :eek:

This reads really well with that diary account of the two Australian guys at Mardi Gras that’s doing the rounds.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what Lucy does to punish Charlie Brown, because its obvious that this episode’s going to involve a lot more than him not being able to kick a football!

So how’s the Hallmark greeting card company going to handle this one?

I hope not with a pop-up message card.

[Yakov Smirnov] What a cown-tree! [/Yakov Smirnov]

[sub]And here’s hoping no poor soul is left having to Yakov on Orgasm Day.[/sub]

We really need a rim-shot smilie.

Now THAT would be a DopeFest!

You’re a Lousy Lay, Charlie Brown!