Break Out the Mint Sauce! Black Sheep Released in USA!

The Kiwi film about killer sheep finally comes to America! So far, it’s only in limited release, but hopefully it’ll go into wider release soon. Check out the trailer if ewe dare!

Looks like a baaad-ass film!

“Save us from the Wrath of the Lamb!”

I saw a clip of this on TV.
Good. It’s about time we had another film in which killer sheep threaten everyone. The first killer sheep movie I know of is Godmonster of Indian Flats:

Ten posts. That’s what I predict.

Does **Hal **know? Should someone tell him? Nah, he’ll probably find it on his own.

I saw the trailer for this a couple weeks ago, and thought, “Kiwis are. . . different from other people.” (Actually, I have a young lady from New Zealand to thank for teaching me what “snogging” means.)

I read about this a while back in Fangoria and I’m psyched. I also think it’s going to be showing at the theater across the street from my apartment, so I’m totally there.

You were too generous.

I hope the exposition includes how sheep (who have no upper teeth in the front of their mouths) become flesh rippers or it won’t be possible to suspend disbelief throughout the film. :smiley:

I’ll probably go see it this week.

Paging Tom Smith!

My God. I’ve never seen anything so sublime before. Watching that trailer was like having a religious experience. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to see it, since I live out in the boonies, but I’ll surely be making an effort.

ETA: And on second viewing I just caught the bit with the guy coming upon the man in the room, smoking a cigarette with the sheep. “You wouldn’t understand.”

It’s even better than I thought. :smiley:

Apparently so. The words “Spoke too soon” were never more appropriate.

Yay, I get to be the first to provide an actual report of the movie. (I saw it a few weeks ago at the Seattle film fest.)

Verdict: It’s a blast.

It’s exactly what you hope it is from the preview: silly, gory, funny, clever, and just a leetle tiny bit scary. The characters are great. The storyline is hardly original but it gets the job done and offers a handful of variations on the standard model. The sheep effects are fantastic.

The movie is very much in the tradition of Peter Jackson’s early splatter-farce work, and I mean that as a compliment.

Me says check it out.

(If you’re into this genre, the currently circulating Severance is also very good.)

I saw the trailer for Severance before I can’t remember what, and it looked like a good time; nice to hear it’s worth a viewing.

You probably meant 10 minutes and just mis-typed.

I haven’t seen the trailer, but I wanted to add that Richard Roeper and his guest co-host from the Tribune both gave it thumbs down. They didn’t find it funny OR scary.

But I’ll probably rent it when it comes out anyway. On a positive note, they liked it a hell of a lot more than Evan Almighty.

A friend of mine was talking with a female coworker from Ireland and she was showing him all these photos she’d taken of sheep in Ireland, saying that she just loved them.

Naturally, he showed her the trailer for this. She was completely mortified! :smiley:

I shall pray to various and sundry deities that this will be coming soon to a theater near me.

Hee! That’s why I responded. I *had *to, since **JT **threw down the gauntlet.