Breaking Bad: What is the occupation of Ken ("KENWINS")?

In his first appearance in the episode “Cancer Man”, Ken mentions a number of what sound like firms, one of which he claims would “make (him) partner” just for walking in the door". Later, he suggests a bonus for himself which is “less than 10% of what I billed last quarter”. Sounds like a lawyer to me.

But next time we see him later in the episode, he talks about having a better attorney than someone he’s in a dispute with.

The Breaking Bad wiki says he’s a “businessman”.

He could be an accountant/CPA.

Accounting firms have billable hours and partners.

At first it sounded like he could be working for an investment or brokerage firm (which are big on bonuses), but they don’t really talk about “billing”.

I’m pretty sure he’s a lawyer. It fits- partner in a firm, billable hours, etc.

The “better attorney” line could also be a reference to himself, which would still be fitting with a hotshot lawyer.

“A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.”

Just because someone speaks of having a lawyer doesn’t mean he himself is not one.

He was a professional Bluetooth using, BMW driving asshole. So he’d be a lawyer or stockbroker, or any other professional whose car we’d like to see burn up.

I wonder if Ken “wins” will be in the spinoff “Better Get Saul” since they are both lawyers.

I just watched the first episode of season 2 of BCS. Ken makes an appearance.

He’s a ‘wealth manager’.


Wounded. Wounded, I am.

The Bluetooth came with the car! I use it because it’s convenient!