Breaking in the rookies

Is a severely indelicate term my husband’s ex roommate used for having sex with virgin women. After doing so he basically vowed never to do it again, saying it’s too much pressure to be memorable and that once they do it with you they say, “that was fun, I think I’ll do it with THAT guy.” :slight_smile:

I say it’s fun to show someone the ropes (so to speak :)) and to know that your ministrations are going to be permanently a part of their lives! What an honor.

I was wondering what the SDMB consensus was on “breaking in rookies”. Putting aside emotional involvement and focusing just on “out of these ten people who would you have sex with” who would pick a virgin and who wouldn’t?


It would of course very much have to depend on the lady in question (at least in my case it would have to be a lady, i’m definitely not breaking in any rookie males).

That being said, for a general case answer… Nope.

Do you remember the first person you had sex with, do you remember how the sex felt, do you remember what you both did afterwards? Can you say performance anxiety?


I’ve broken in three rookies in my life. Did that bother me when I was doing it? No. Did it bother me afterwards? Again, no. Someone had to be there firsts and, since I cared about them, why not me? And none of them were as… inexperienced?.. as I’d expected. As a matter of fact, the first one didn’t tell me until after we were done that I’d been his first. I was shocked. The next two, I knew, but both were better experiences than others I’d had through the years.

So if I had to choose a rookie over a veteran, which would I chose? It would be a toss up. I can’t take emotions and feelings out of it, because it’s too much of who I am. But I wouldn’t hold anything against the person (male or female) just because of that fact. Everyone’s got to start some time.

Criminy, I’ve got enough problems dealing with the one I’ve got - why would I want to take on another - even for a one time shot (so to speak)??? I’ll teach 'em to iron and cook and play guitar and sail a boat, but the hot, sweaty stuff will hafta come from someone else… I don’t need that kind of pressure or baggage. So go away, rookies. I’ve got stuff to attend to!!

I thought this thread was about something entirely different. But my answer is Heck Yeah. If I knew she was a virgin (she’d have to be a little older, say over 25… I don’t need any lawsuits right now), I’d wait to see if we started falling in love. What a thrill that’d be, knowing that it wasn’t just sex, but actually making love, for her first time, so she could have the emotions as well as the physical sensations to remember… But then, I’m a little weird that way. I can’t stand hearing about womens’ first times that they wish they could take back or do over.

jarbabyj, I like your posts (even the ones about constipation :p). Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Well golly! With an endorsement like that, how can I lose? :slight_smile:


I’ve only been with one rookie.

She was a very petite woman , and I’m a big guy…so it didn’t quite work out the way it should have.

Based on only that experience, I’d have to opt for someone that already knows the ropes.

Of course, oral is something altogether different.

hhmmm… I wonder how many virgins over 25 there are out there? Anyone, Anyone?

As for me, I took someones virginity - it was great - I taught him everything that I like - fun fun fun… :smiley: Incidently - I still love him even though that was over 10 years ago. Unrequited love sucks… But I’m working on it.

I’d go with experienced, at this point in my life. I don’t find younger guys sexually attractive, and a virgin guy in my age range would be just…weird; serious ick factor.

Having said that, yes I have. In fact a girlfriend & I (in our late 20’s at the time) devirginized an adorable 19 year old English guy. Both of us. At the same time. What d’ya want to bet he still remembers that? :stuck_out_tongue:

*Originally posted by callie *

  I was at 25. I will always be grateful for the consideration shown me by the lady who "showed me the ropes", even if we didn't use them.....

[sub] … at least not the first time…[/sub]

Good for you Lurker - do you mind if I ask why you waited so long? I had a roommate in college that stayed a virgin till she got married (age 21) and I was impressed by that. I have a lot of respect for her - for many reasons - least of which has to do with her sex life. Anyway, I digress…

Just curious.

I’ve been with two virgins, and both times I didn’t know until after the fact. I’ll spare the details. In each case the girl in question went to lengths to make me think she was more experienced than she was. So I don’t regret my actions, nor, to be fair, do I harbor any ill will at having been lured under false pretenses ;).

I like women to be virgins, that’s why I leave them that way.

Partially because I wanted everything "right" Right girl, right time, right place. Never seemed to get all three. Partially because I had so few chances. My dating life has been extremely sparse, I'm one of the 10% who flirt online because no one flirts with them IRL.

Used to, I’ll give you. But you know better than to say that now! I’ll have to do something drastic if you don’t amend your statement immediately, m’dear. Something drastic indeed. :wink:

Haven’t yet…

My big issue would be-from the stories my guy friends tell- a man’s 1st time is pretty quick if you know what I mean…and I want a man who can keep the ship in port until ALL passengers have gotten off.

my .02

…in college, I gotta admit the first “Oh, Yeah BABY!” was pretty quick, but that never made an impact on makin’ whoopee continously and for a long time coming. It is a skill like any other.

Why UncleBill…

Are you saying you haven’t always been the all night man?

But the real question…can you stay in port until every last passenger has disembarked?

And after leaving port-how long do the engines have to rest before attempting re-entry?

I must clarify said aforementioned lady was the first to experience the continued longevity that very evening The engines didn’t need rest, and the whoopee continued. That is generally the case up until the last time whoopee happened with me involved!

Sure UncleBill…we believe you ;).

No clarifications necessary.

I’m just glad for my first time I was with someone w/ some experience under his belt…can’t imagine how awkward to be both people’s first time.