Breaking news - Shooting at Synagogue in Pittsburgh

There appears to be an active shooting in progress in Pittsburgh in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

KDKA, the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh is reporting 4 dead.

The link now says 7 dead and more shot. Here we go again.

Gunman still at large.

ETA: cnn reporting gunman surrendered.

Some Pittsburgh cops on a page I belong to are saying suspect is in custody.

The OP’s link now says 8 dead and suspect in custody.

Unofficial and unconfirmed but my sources said police arrived and engaged the suspect. Two officers shot but not expected to be life threatening. The suspect barricaded himself in a room but then decided to surrender because he was injured.

Like I said, unconfirmed but coming from Pittsburgh cops.

MSNBC is saying 12 shot with 3 being law enforcement and confirming 8 dead. The info is from the Pennsylvania State Police. They report the authorities have the name of the shooter but they are not releasing it yet. They also say he was making anti-Semitic comments as he went in shooting.

Yes that’s what I’m hearing now.

#MAGAshooter is trending on Twitter.

This is terrible. No minority group is safe. Probably a white nationalist. I wonder how Trump spins it. Will he double down on the nationalism? How long before they call this a false flag operation with crisis actors and how long before Trump starts complaining that this is distracting the media from covering his great rallies.
News now is that the building is secured. It just makes me so angry that people attack in a place of worship. Of course, since I’m Jewish it hits in an especially visceral way. It just feels like this country is completely broken.

I’m hearing news stories that this happened at a bris.

Well, it’s Shabbat so the place would probably have been plenty full regardless. Apparently, the shooter entered the building yelling “All Jews must die!”

MSNBC reported the shooter’s name is Rob Bowers.

Looks like that’s correct.


Apparently he’s a Nazi who thinks Trump is controlled by Jews. Anti-Semitic nutball?

PLEASE don’t let him get off due to mental disease or defect.

Idiot in charge is saying that they should have had an armed guard present. His other solution is to have the death penalty imposed for shooters and making it harder to delay it. Because martyring shooters works so well.

Gateway Pundit (your cite for the “Nazi who hated Trump”) is a completely unreliable source of any information. I’ve never known Jim Hoft to actually get ANYTHING right, especially early-breaking stuff.

Okay, then we’ll push that one aside as more facts come out.

He was apparently motivated by the caravan propaganda. Those of you spreading that propaganda ought to consider that.

Here; look thru his social media history. The guy is a Nazi.

MSNBC is basically confirming Bowers social media indicates he is a Nazi who disavows Trump because Trump isn’t anti-Semitic.