Bride and caterer arrested for secretly putting cannabis in the food at the wedding reception {2022-04-22}

I know this board all too well, and I know the jokes are going to come fast and furious on this one, but let me start out by saying that you do not do this to people.

The following is a gifted article from the Washington Post. I shared this one because it’s the first time I saw this story, and it’s the only one containing a part that I really think is important.

Miranda Cady, who knew the bride through friends, ate the bread and olive oil, too. She later felt like her heart was going to stop. She went to her car and was so terrified she would die there, she sent herself a text so people would know what had happened to her.

I wonder if the groom will end the marriage immediately. And I also wonder, “What were they thinking?”

As a life long pot smoker, I want to say that we aren’t all like that. I think their actions were appalling and hope they spend a very long time in jail.

I didn’t notice a date specified in the article, but perchance did the wedding take place on April 20? Maybe the bride and caterer thought having a wedding (I started to type weeding, LOL) on the unofficial stoner day was warning enough that the edibles would be spiked with edibles. The article itself was dated April 21.

Yes. I’ve smoked pot off and on since I was a teenager. I have kind of a love / hate relationship with it. If I’m in the right frame of mind it’s fantastic, but if I’m in the wrong frame of mind it can make me very anxious and paranoid. I like the occasional edible but they are difficult to dose properly-- you can easily get way too high.

To dose unknowing participants, especially in food where there’s no telling what sort of dose they’re getting is just stupid and unconscionable.

I don’t like edibles unless I’m using them for a sleep aid because you can’t control the dosage by feel. When I think I’ve had enough flower, I stop smoking. You can’t do that with edibles, they are already consumed.

Even as an experienced user, if I had been there, I would have been furious. The friendship would be over (friendships involve trust and trust once shattered rarely recovers) and the wedding gift taken back. The bride’s actions were so wrong and in so many ways that I just can’t even start. The caterer might get a pass, we don’t know what the bride told her.

Jeez, even Timothy Leary said: “Thou shalt not alter thy brother’s consciousness without his consent."

I smoked pot for a lot of years, and haven’t smoked for a lot of years, but that’s just wrong on so many levels.

Man, that is some fucked up shit–and no, the wedding was in February so really NO excuses. I’m as experienced a pothead as you’re likely to find but I’m not a big fan of edibles–it has no effect whatsoever for hours then I get completely and uncomfortably wasted and ill. The only thing I can do is to lie very still on the couch, concentrate heavily on not puking and tell myself that no, I’m not actually dying. Just putting it out there like that, with no way in hell for any of the guests to judge their intake levels or even to decide that no, they don’t want ANY of that is unconscionable and I’m just fine with these morons getting the book thrown at them. What a shitty thing to do to friends and family at your own wedding. Dang.


I want to apologize for the part in my OP when I said I knew the jokes were going to be coming fast and furious. I should have known better, and I’m sorry.

I am finding it interesting that the first posters are potheads with torches and pitchforks. Perhaps that’s because we are the ones with lighters?

I guess they’ve watched too many stoner comedies and just thought everyone would get the munchies and laugh a lot, maybe act inappropriately but not in a big deal kind of way. But if you don’t know what’s causing the strange sensations, it’s unlikely to work that way. And most weed these days seems to be skunk, which is pretty strong.

People who love weed sometimes act as though it has no side effects, but nothing can have good effects without also having bad effects. The only things that have no side effects are things like homeopathy, which has no effect at all. Weed can have really awful effects on people with schizophrenia, bipolar and some other conditions.

People were driving home under the influence without knowing it.

Those woman are in deep shit.

No, you don’t do this to people without their consent. The cannabis of today is not your grandpa’s cannabis.

A bit over a decade ago, someone I was dating wanted me to get high with him. He was a regular user and I hadn’t used it for decades.

My prior experience with pot was smoking shake in my misspent youth, and “edibles” were pot brownies we used to make with the same stuff. If you paid close attention, you might notice you were a little high.

He offered three tiny cookies. I ate two of them.

I so wish I hadn’t, or followed their consumption with eating dinner. I spent hours on the couch puking my guts up into a large bowl, again and again and again and again. “Violently ill” would be a quaint description.

I was on the cusp of asking the fellow to take me to the hospital when the upchucking finally abated.

Not the idyllic, pleasant experience he was hoping for. And never again.

Good one!

As a non-user, i know that. My BIL grows weed. I have lots of friends who use it. I trust every one of them not to slip it to me without warning.

When Timothy Leary is telling you your planned drug use is a bad idea, you should really take that as a sign.

Life imitates art again, with the usual poor results.

Despite coming to the conclusion that pot should be legal when I was in my early twenties, I was inculcated in my youth by a barrage of anti-drug propaganda that I reflexively think of pot smokers as losers, lowlifes, and dirt bags. Intellectually I know that’s a bunch of baloney, but it’s something I have to actively fight anyway. So it’s great to see pot smokers appalled that anyone would spike food a guest’s food without telling them. Of course you aren’t all like that. Most of you are good people.

Yeah, most of us.

“1% of any given population causes 99% of the problems”. Someone smarter than me said that, but I forgot who it was and google is failing me once again.

I can easily imagine the future bride and caterer smoking a joint together and laughing about how funny it would be if they got everyone stoned. I am happy to say that I don’t know anyone who would actually follow up on such a thing.

Not much point in repeating the obvious (these two are idiots who richly deserve to have the book thrown at them), so I’ll bring in a side note to the story (from the CBS link):

They [police] also responded to a nearby home after the owner reported that her security camera had captured what appeared to be a staff member of the catering company dumping the contents of several plastic bags onto her front lawn on the night of the reception, according to the affidavit.

I suppose it figures that the idiot asshole caterer would hire idiot asshole help. :roll_eyes: