Brilliant Star Wars Song Parody

I don’t know how many of you might have heard this yet, but everyone really needs to. It’s a great hip-hop song about Boba Fett, and it’s made even funnier by the fact that the production is excellent and MC Chris (of Adult Swim fame) is actually a very skilled rapper.

You can download the song from MC Chris’s website: Fett’s Vette

and if he’s a little fast for you, the lyrics can be found here. I recommend listening and reading along at the same time. I will warn you that there is some obscenity in the song, so those links are possibly not work-safe.

Everyone give it a listen, it rocks pretty hard.


Umm, i can’t even see what my coding mistake was, but you can just go to and then scroll down to “Fett’s Vette” and click “mp3”


That was utter shit.


fixed link: Fett’s Vette

vB burped on the single quote.

Of course YOU’D think so. :wink:

Is that one of those slang terms that means the opposite of what it sounds like? You know, like “Man, that song was the shit!


It wasn’t funny, it was incomprehensible, it was only about Star Wars because it mentioned a few character names, and even apart from all that, it was still an awful piece of ‘music’.

Well, whether or not you like the style (and I happen to like it), I don’t think you could call it incomprehensible if you tend towards Star Wars geekiness (to the point of knowing all kinds of story that is either not explicit or entirely absent in the movies) and you could hardly say that it has nothing to do with Star Wars other than a few character names. The song makes constant references to very specific facts and pieces of plot from the Star Wars books and movies, it’s just expressed in modern hip-hop style, which is intentionally absurd.



It also referenced about 5 other movies for no good reason, and it was anachronistic.

Dude, what is negative about either of those things? Those are the sources of the humor! When you watch a Marx Brothers movie do you get in a huff and declare that their behavior is inexplicable and unrealistic?


It’s in how you do it. If you do it in a funny way, then it’s a funny song. You do it just because you think it should be in there to constitute a funny song, then it’s lame and desperate and, most importantly, not funny.

And anything that is trying hard to be funny and fails is a pretty awful experience.

I still prefer “Weird al” Yankovic’s The Saga Begins. :wink:

This thread reminds me of the time I got into a stupid argument on this board about whether or not Max Payne was an intentional parody/satire of the film noir style or just an example of crappy writing.

At any rate, I tend toward the latter intrpretation on the first game, but they ramp it up to an insane level in part 2, leaving no question that they’re poking fun at the overwrought self-involved allegorical voice overs for which hard-boild detective fiction are so well known.

No one could intentionally write dialogue as bad as Max Payne 1 and make a game that good. It was so deliberate.

The second one droppped the weird allegories in favor of a pure Noir Crime show.