Britany at the VMA's......

Did I really just see that? Britany Spears on stage looking like a drunk chick at a frat party lip synching along to a Britany Spears song?

MTV had to know it sucked in rehersal. Did they just throw her out there as an easy target for Sarah Silverman? I mean really, Britany’s career is pretty much non recoverable at this point. It’s all over…

She should have taken my Drama teacher, the incomparable Bill Gunson’s advice. He taught us this:

[paraphrasing]: “If you have stage presence, and you own the place, you can get up there and flub a few moves and forget a few words, and you will still come off as fabulous. If you don’t know how to project confidence, but you execute a flawless performance, it will be minimally memorable at best. If you are underconfident and you flub, you will be a laughingstock.”

Brit was lost on that stage. If she had grabbed it by the hair and spanked it instead, then her lipsynching and tentative gyrations would have been forgivable.

Yeah that sucked.

What happened to the Britney who ripped off her clothes at the 2001 VMAs, grinded with a python at the 2002 VMAs and made out with Madonna at the 2003 VMAs?
Of course regardless of her performance, I think it was incredibly low-class of Silverman to use Britney for material considering she was following her as the opening act. Not that her routine was that sharp either with it’s awkward dead air time and failed jokes.

Basically, what I’ve seen so far, I blame the producers more than anyone. The pace is out of wack, the side parties in the suites don’t add anything and the seizure inducing flashing background lights and images are annoying, distracting and overwhelm the presenters.

Sarah Silverman do something low class? The Hell you say!

MTV picked Britney because of ratings (obviously…) knowing full well her life has been in a downward spiral for a while now (to put it mildly). They got what they deserved.

Holy schamoly, that was bad. A LOT of uncomfortable expressions in the faces in the various audience-reaction shots (Rihanna and her tablemates seemed more intensely fascinated with the pole-platform thing). Sorry Brit, you’re NOT ready again for Prime Time, yet. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… get a clue from Christina and put some clothes on. Move on with it. Do you really intend to be still doing the “oh, what a hot cocktease I am” schtick for the rest of your life?
And yes, the only thing that saves it a little was comparison to Silverman’s turn, with its example of the absolute lameness of trying too hard to be “edgy”; it only came across as crude, rude and lewd for its own sake. Here’s a clue, modern “comedians”: when Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor were called “great” while talking dirty and being confrontational, it was because there was an actual *point * they were making. You are just finding creative ways to call people rude names, for the sake of getting away with it.

I gave up on the whole deal that early. This VMA reformulation, unless something really rockin’ happens later, looks already like a a failed experiment, and not even a tried grandly and fell gallantly * kind of failure, but more like a just fizzled away and stank up the place* type failure. Quite timely for this Age of the Decline and Fall of MTV, come to think of it…

Wow! Just…wow! That was all sorts of bad. I was uncomfortable watching it kind of bad. Ouch! Every single bit of it, right down to the teeny tiny bikini she should not have worn was awful.

50 cent looked confused, and possibly a bit queasy.

That was sad.

Wow. She seems so disconnected. Such a sad thing to watch her crash and burn…again.

I would rather have seen Britney do the comedy and Sarah do the dancing.

It would have sucked to an equal jaw-dropping extent, but both ends would have turned out much funnier.

Please, let somebody at MTV be fired for this disaster.

Britney was awful because she didn’t realize how terrible she was doing.

Sarah was worse because she was fully aware of how bad she was bombing.

Credit where credit is due: I think Britney may have started a new dance craze. Next year everyone will be doing The Mosey.

Edit: Here it is on Youtube, if like me, you were watching something entertaining instead. :smiley:

For those of us who didn’t see it live, here it is.

My favorite moment is at about 1:43 in that video, when the male dancer “dips” Britney all of about six inches from the vertical. Quite the risque move there.

This is the first time I’ve heard that song, by the way; have we got a team of scientists looking into whether that’s actually the worst piece of music – maybe the worst thing of any kind – ever written?

I’m really glad I was watching the Giants-Cowboys game instead of the VMAs.

OMG I didn’t bother watching live, just watched the youtube clip - There’s three minutes I’ll never have back.

I figured the comments were more based on Britney slamming, but I was wrong, that was one hell of a train wreck. She appeared to be “out of it” even more so than usual.

“Drug are bad, MKay”
Another vote for “Glad I was watching the football game instead”

She looked very confused at the very beginning. I wonder if she had some vague idea that she was going to totally stink up the joint.

Maybe I’m giving her too much credit. She probably doesn’t have that sort of self awareness.

Anyone got a link to the Sarah Silverman performance? Couldn’t find it on Youtube.

The whole show is up on MTV’s website. Obviously, Britney’s performance is first and 2 commercials later, you’ll get Sarah Silverman’s routine. I don’t think it was as bad as Britney’s, but it was pretty damn close.

I really don’t think I glance at the gossip blogs all that much, but wasn’t she supposed to be doing something amazing with Criss Angel or whatever his name is? Disappearing onstage or summat?

Actual conversation I had with hubby last night

Hubby: I had to watch Britney.
Me: Was she any good?
Hubby: I think she was asleep.
Thanks for the links guys, now I know what he meant.

It was never made entirely clear what Criss Angel had to do with it. There was talk of him disappearing her onstage, but since it was also claimed that she would reappear in London, there was obviously some miscommunication. I can’t really see Britney holding up her end of a magic act anyway.