Britney and her sock

Inquiring minds want to know why Britney Spears was wearing a modified sweat sock on her left arm during the Super Bowl half time show. Having watched the MTV “Making the Super Bowl Half Time show”, she wasn’t wearing it during any of the rehearsals and then, suddenly, she had it on for the show. If you know, please tell me!

A. She’s trying to make some weird fashion statement.

B. She broke her wrist jerking off the producer, and wanted to hide the cast.

Well, I saw the halftime show, and I recall HER with some good clarity and I can declare that, yes, she was wearing a sock on her arm.

There appeared to some writing on it. WAG: autographed by one or both teams, so she impulsively decided to slip it on at the last moment.

Hope it wasn’t a used sock…

I just figured that her boyfriend, Justin from *Nsync, was wearing only one sock and she was wearing the other.

Steven Tyler: Britney, socks go on FEET!

Britney: Uh…I knew that.

Britney Spears is about as impulsive and spontaneous as an atomic clock. If she was wearing a sock on her arm, it’s because her publicists told her to.

Oh, you know her?

Maybe thats where she keeps it before stuffing into her bra?

Jeepers, I didn’t even know Britney was a poster, and it turns out she’s got a sock puppet, too!

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She only had one day of rehearsal, so maybe the words or positions on stage were on the sock.

maybe it was a ploy to make people discuss her more.

Wait, it’s working.


I just saw the MTV making of special, and amazingly enough, the sock does go with the theme of the rest of her costume. The whole thing was kind a mock football uniform thing. The pants for example were silver with navy and white stripes on the sides – pretty much the same as the Dallas Cowboys. They even had a Nike logo on them. I couldn’t figure out what the shirt was supposed to be, but I presume it was football themed. So the white sweatsock on her arm (with blue stripes) was just more of the same. Weird, but not completely random.

It just bothers me when people make such broad statements about the personality of someone they don’t know. For all we know Britney is extremely spontaneous and impulsive, but knows that if she wants the money to keep coming in she should do what the PR experts tell her - shit, I would. Unless you know her personally, all you know about her is what has been made public. How many times before has a celebrity had a totally different personality from their screen persona?

I thought it was some sort of homage to Tiki Barber.


Don’t you mean to say: I couldn’t figure out what the “shirt” was supposed to be…" ?

Does anyone have a link to Britney in her halftime getup?

I think all this pop star stuff is just arbitrary.

I remember reading in some photography coffee table book (I was at a very fancy but very boring dinner party) that Adam Ant was on the hunt for a new look and asked Karl Lagerfeld (or some equally pretentious and weird guru of the fashion industry) what to do. The fashion guru was annoyed by Adam’s constant nagging and so brushed him off by telling him to paint a white stripe across his eyes. Adam followed his advice and the next thing he knew everyone in the London clubs was wearing white stripes across their eyes.

See what I mean? Arbitrary.

Here’s a pic:

On further reflection, it’s clear that the logo on her shirt is the Aerosmith one. So much for that theory…