Brody Stories by Soupo DeDay, age 8 1/2

Last year Soupo was in second grade. Next year he starts third. (Which is the way it’s normally done.) Over the summer he’s supposed to practice his writing every day. So far, it hasn’t been every day, but more like once a week. (He’s also supposed to read every day, but he does that. If he doesn’t do his reading, he doesn’t get to play his Game Boy.) These are two of the stories he’s written so far.

Brody in the Pool
Once upon a time there was a dog named Brody. He hates the pool a lot. And I’m not saying just to be saying it he really hates the pool. But any way our story begins in the back yard.

One day Katcha and his brother Soupo went swimming in their pool when Brody jumped in a [and] got all wet.

He hopped out and started running around and around until he was cumpleetly [completely] dry and he never went back.

the end
Brody in the Sand
Once upon a time there was a dog named Brody. Brody was a very fourchinit [fortunate] dog. Well on some ikaxins [occasions] that is. But before I tell you that story I have to tell you this story.

One day Katcha and Soupo were playing in the sand when all of a suden [sudden] a big I’m talken big and sary [scary] monster jumbed [jumped] in…

It was just our puppy Brody.

Anyway Brody jumbed in and started digging awawy [away].

He loved it so much he he [that one’s extra] dug all the time we got to play.

The next time he dug and dug and dug.


Obviously, he’s inherited your genius with the written word.And skill with the tangent. Buy the boy a few parentheses, and you’ll be able to hand off the MMP to him! :smiley:

WhyKid’s gong from sixth (“Junior High” in these heathen parts) to seventh (“Junior High” in the real world - meaning like my school growing up.) This means he has little in the actual way of work to do over the summer, except to read daily and learn to be sullen and slouch a lot. He’s a good sloucher. “Straighten up!” I tell him, and he sort of spasms like a startled fish before resuming his slouch.

WhyBaby’s just a baby, so she’s still learning to be cute and spit up a lot. Less spitting up than a month ago, which is good. But she has that being cute thing to fall back on, so even when we’re slouching around in wet, spit-uppy clothes we like her anyway. She slouches too, but I don’t hold it against her 'cause she’s a baby. And cute. Did I mention the cute part? Damn, that’s one cute baby. (Is it some sort of parenting faux pas to proclaim your own baby cute? I have cites, if it helps.)

Hey Rue, are you supposed to just let him write it the way he wants (and then turn it in for critique or national publication at the beginning of the school year), or are you suppose to go over the finer points of American spelling and grammer with him on this during the summer.

Excuse me while I go watch someone beat the crap out of the food machine. It sounds like he’s losing the fight right now.

I like the way Soupo edited your spelling Rue. He seems to have your knack for story telling. I foresee a big book of Unca Rue and Soupo stories in the future. That’d be so jake! Tell him Uncle Swampy said to keep up the writing.

I hope everybody had a Happy Fourth of July (all us ‘Merkins). For everybody else, I hope Monday was a good day. I was all patriotic. I ate ribs, tater salad (not made out of our Taters, just regular taters), baked beans, corn on the cob, bbq bread, brunswick stew, banana pudding and watermelon. That’s some patriotic eatin’ goin’ on there. Also, we hung out at the pool (we being ACBG, a bunch of friends and me), practiced our synchronized pool noodling (we’re hoping to make this an Olympic sport one day) and quaffed various libations. All in all, a good day. It rained just before dark, so I didn’t get to shoot off the fireworks I bought Friday night. See, after supper Friday night (at the good local seafood place) ACBG and me had to go to the grocery store. There’s a Big Lots store next to the grocery store, so I said I needed to run in there a minute. ACBG went on in to the grocery store, thereby leaving me all to myself. I was really just going in to buy some hot dog buns (the bread’s cheap in Big Lots) for Saturday but there was this real biiiiiig display of fireworks stuff in the store cause it’s now legal to buy certain types of fireworks in Jawja. Well, it was a regular $49.95 value pack on sale for a mere $19.95! Being the good little consumer that I am how could I resist such a bargain? It would have been all anti-commerce not to! And they’re made in the USA! So I bought em. Did I mention that ACBG is not real big on fireworks? He’s kinda scared of em I think. Anyways, he looks at this big package of fireworks I bought and said, “It’s my own damn fault. I left you unsupervised for ten minutes.” HEE! Truth is, if he had been with me I probably wouldn’t have bought em cause he woulda freaked out if I had said somethin’ bout buyin’ em. So, I guess he’s kinda right. Anyways, I didn’t get to play with em cause it rained just before dark Saturday, Sunday and yesterday! GRRRR! So, I got me some fireworks to play with. Maybe I’ll shoot em off on my birthday. Sounds like as good a reason as any for fireworks to me!


WhyNot I believe I have gushed over the cuteness of WhyBaby on several occasions. However, I shall do so all over again right now.



Next time you are too drunk to drive, walk to the nearest pizza shop, place an order, and when they go to deliver it, catch a ride home with them.

I had me some quasi-barbacue chicken (the gas grill was out of gas so it got broiled in the oven), some baked beans, and the BEST. TATER. SALAD. EVER!! for 4th of Jooly dinner. The Princess[sup]TM[/sup] suggested I put some pickles in the tater salad and I had a new jar of some bread-n-butter pickles so I chopped them up and used scallions instead of onions. It is to die for!

rue, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m with swampy, anxiously awaiting the book. :slight_smile: Oh, and not to mention it but…PUPPY PICTURES!!!

whynot, ditto what swampy said. :slight_smile:

Looks like Mother Nature is winding up for anoth whollop at Florida. Not Cindy, the other one that’s forming t’other side of Cuber! :mad:

We ate some patriotic food too. Hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans and watermellon. For three days running. Well, two days running. The third day was a breakfast deal before the town(ship)'s parade and that was scrambled eggs and some Amish cinnamon cake jobbie.

Saturday was a cookout at my sister’s place. (And her husband’s place too, since they are happily married (as far as I know) and live togehter and everything.) All the sibs showed up except one and Mom and Dad came too. Plus Brody pup. He went, but not our older dogs. Because they are older and could “hold it” while we were away.

Sunday we had a cookout with our neighbors. More hot dogs and hamburgers and watermellon. They didn’t have any baked beans though. That was sad because I like baked beans but none of the rest of the family unit does, so I only get baked beans on special occasions. They did have a pool though. It’s good to have neighbors with a pool.

Monday we went over to our other friends (not our last set of other frineds, but close) for breakfast, then the parade.

We did more socializing last weekend (good thing it was a long one) than we normally do in six months or so. It was tiring.

I was supposed to get strawberries for a fruit salad for one of those days. I’m not sure which one since the Little Woman just told me to “get some strawberries for a fruit salad so we can take it this weekend”. Only when I went to the store to get strawberries, they didn’t look so good. They were either:
A) still white
2. turning black.
I knew neither of these colors were good on a strawberry, so I didn’t get any. The blueberries were good though, so I got some of them. I like blueberries better than strawberries anyway.

I did wind up getting the Little Woman some strawberries though. I went out hiking one morning and passed a fruit stand. It was closed then, but when i was on the way back home it was open. They had some good strawberry-colored strawberries, so I got some. The Little Woman liked them.

The whole point of having Soupo write over the summer Sean is… I’m not sure. The kids who can write OK will write some and then go back to school and not have forgotten everything (but why then even have a summer vacation?), but the kids who are stink-o writers anyway won’t write anything and they’ll go back to school being even more stink-o at writing. So the kids that really need the practice won’t.

But the world needs aspiring burger-flippers, right?
-Rue. (riting how it sowndz)
P.S. Good luck with the new hip Beckwall!

(Yawn…) What is everyone doing up so early?.. Oh … never mind.
Rue, my complements to Soupo. I like imaginative spelling. :slight_smile:

swampy Wow, that sounds like some celebratin’. Since hubby was working, I had some sort of frozen dinner. I didn’t even turn on the TV to watch the fireworks. (Scare me) There were illegal fireworks all around our neighborhood, so I couldn’t sleep. I was sure one of them was going to land on our roof and burn down the fireman’s house…Bad PR.
Hubby, however, had ribs and the whole bit. While waiting for someone to protect, they had a BBQ! I wasn’t invited :frowning: Its ok, though, they fart after they eat stuff like that… Not the hubby! No, not him, but the other guys. They claim to have professional status. :rolleyes: )
After they finished… dinner, not the other thing, they all climbed on the 7 story roof and watched the fireworks display in Lake Union, and Elliott Bay.
He called at 8:30, to tell me he was going to bed.
Let’s see, playing in the tame fire all day, then eating more that five people should, (and that other thing.) watching two award winning fireworks shows, then sleeping 10 hours, and * GETTING PAID TO DO IT!*
I’m glad every work day isn’t like that, I spoil him enough.

I just noticed something. Rue has been a Charter Member (Oh! The Status!) nine months longer than I have but I have a bunch more posts. So, either Rue does not post enough or I spend waaaaaay more time here than I should. I choose to think it’s Rue not posting enough. That way I can just be in denial about my posting habits. I like that a whole lot better.

Don’t worry Swampy, it isn’t you, it’s me. (Oh yeah, you’ve heard that before, haven’t you? Well, this time, it’s true.) I blame the children. And society. But mostly the children.

Hmm, did anyone ever mention that your baby is CUTE, WhyNot? And it isn’t just the stylish and stunning hats.

I bet Brody would be cute in a hat…but I guess we will never know, since we will never get to see any

Puppy Pictures

Swampy, “synchronized pool noodling”? Believe it or not, even knowing you, at first I thought about the game of pool. Then I thought about spaghetti. Then I thought, <snerk>.

I am convinced that “Synchronized Pool Noodling” will one day be a major olympic competition. It may be best done sober. I have yet to test that theory. It’s still pretty wide open for rules and all so if anybody has a pool (I know DogMom does) and wants to practice and add any refinements, please feel free to do so.

Rue you’re right, it’s the children. Dang kids are always in the way!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

And I’m gonna <snerk> at “cumpleetly”. <SNERK!>

Morning. Wait, it’s almost noon.
Today is laundry, tidying, grocery shopping, and kitchen cleaning. The air is like soup, or possibly pudding. I do not look forward to going outside to go to the laundromat. I’m not sure what to buy at the grocery store, because I haven’t decided what to eat yet. Mr. Lissar and I have this routine, where I ask him what he wants to eat this week, and he says he doesn’t know, so I decide. But I ask him, so as to display my total humbleness and submission to my husband.

All my husbands. Gee, that would be a lot of humbleness, if I actually did submit to them. On second thought, I NEVER want humbly submit to Lazy Husband. I’d spend the rest of my life bringing him slushies.
What do I want to eat this week?

Ok, last week’s MMP was just on top of this MMP, which is actually a TMP. Is it any coincidence that the Sci/Fi channel ran a Twilight Zone marathon this past weekend?

That seems to be happening lately. Are we becoming MMP junkies?? :eek:

Rue, tell Soupo that his stories are great, but he needs to work on creative titles. I mean, he gives everything away before you even read it.

Swampy, I was real patriotic on the 4th. I had some chicken, macaroni and cheese, and weird berry cheesecake stuff from the deli at work. Also, wth is “synchronized noodling”? I keep wanting to <snerk> too, but I don’t know what it is!

Tupug, that’s an amazing tip. I’ll have to remember that.


Soupo’s sparse prose reminds me of Hemmingway.

Does he have any stories about the dog driving an ambulance?

Ah, I remember when I used to write stories like that. Now most of my writing is done with this cat here in front of the keyboard trying to obstruct me. I, of course, had to work on the Fourth, being a lifeguard. But on the bright side, I got paid to hang out at the beach.