Broken heart

Just out of curiosity, where do the broken hearts go? Is there a place for the broken hearted? and how do you mend a broken heart?

At a loss…


Didnt Celine Dion cover this in her last album?

"Aint’cha gonna eat me Wolfie?

"Aint got the time, Grandma!"

Why do Fools Fall in Love? Is it better to have loved and lost than better to have never loved at all?

Thanks Kellibelli, I have to find Celine’s latest CD, and george…yes you are are right…as painfull as it is.
Especially when blame is mine alone.

I just feel like I am re-arainging deck chairs on the Titanic…
I cannot see a future without her in my life.

still at a loss…


Broken heart? Been there, done that. You get over it after a while. Sometimes a long while, but it happens.

Ah, yes. I remember that feeling well. I used to sit in the dark in my old '72 Buick, parked under a street lamp that didn’t work, wrap both arms around the steering wheel, and bawl for hours, every night. (I didn’t dare do this in my room, or out in the open anywhere----I was a guy, for God’s sake, and we’re not supposed to cry, certainly not over lost girlfriends!) I’d ask God Why? Why? Why?" over and over again. I couldn’t figure out why I had to suffer that bad, or what I was supposed to do about it. And now I look back and simply cannot fathom how I ever could have imagined that she was that important. Veronica, her name was. Ah, how I loved that girl! Even though I realize now that she was not good for me, and it never would have worked, at the time, I felt like the world was coming to an end. I guess there’s not much anybody can say to make you feel better, Gypsy; everybody has to go though this at least once, and the first time is the worst. It does get better as time goes on, although it might not feel like it right now. Eat a lot of chocolate; that sometimes helps…chocolate has a lot of the same chemicals that your body produces when you’re in love, and it might lessen the blow a little bit. For whatever it’s worth, I know what it’s like, and I do feel for you. Hang in there. It does get better.

The only thing that anybody has ever told me that did any good was that, no matter how bad it feels like now, and it can feel pretty bad, one day it will be over and you will feel fine. You may not feel like anything is ever going to be allright anymore, but it will.

Sorry Gypsy, I was being glib, and you are really hurting…

My advice…dont fight it, embrace the misery, wrap yourself in it, wallow in it, cry, eat, whatever,when it is ready,only then will it burn itself out, like a candle, then you can be fresh to face the world again.

There are no platitudes for your pain, no “you’ll get over it” etc, 'cuz you wont. You will absorb it and it will become a part of you forever. But someday, that pain part will develope a dry sharp wit, then as you get older,maybe a crusty sarcastic edge…but it will always hurt a bit, and because it is part of you my dear, we will still love it.

Pickmans…not to be picky but chocolate causes the body to produce the same hormone released when reaching orgasm…not when your in love.

Gypsy…only time can mend a broken heart. =)


Gypsy, there’s either “Heartbreak Hotel” if you love Elvis; or, if you can find some early (really early, i.e., his first album), try listening to “Lonesome Town”.

Otherwise, my sentiments parallel Kellibelli’s – in time, you may even come to value getting your heart broken. The first time is the worst, although each subsequent time it happens, you think the previous ones were small. But you mainly learn you can survive things you never thought you could.

If life is a game, wager your heart; no other pays off as well, and in time, anything you might lose comes to seem like chump change by comparison.

Damn, I hate when I get ahead of myself – I meant to recommend Ricky Nelson for “Lonesome Town”.

Damn it all . . . goes off grumbling

I feel for you. One of my favorite places is

There’s a message board there with smart, caring people (not as many flames as here, but it can still be fun), and that’s here.