Brooklyn 99 - Season 8 discussion

Two new episodes premiered last night, looks like they will be on 2 episodes at a time all season.

I loved it! They hit hard on police racism, didn’t hit us over the head with “new mom in a job” stuff but also didn’t leave it out, and had Remote Hitchcock (presumably because the actor didn’t want to be on set during a pandemic?)

I thought both the episodes were hilarious, fast and poignant at the same time. Everyone was at the top of their game!

Honestly, this is one of those shows that I have never not liked an episode.

And I’m telling you, that was Scully’s book.

Where did you stream it from?

I use torrents so tv just comes to me. But it was on NBC Thursday night and looks like it’s on Peacock now.

Than you. I’ve streamed all that I could on Hulu or Netflix and am excited that I can get more. It’s a nice, safe dopamine hit, every episode. Gifted ensemble cast who look like they are having fun.

Hulu also has the new episodes from season 8. It wasn’t obvious to me since the show has been in hiatus so long that Hulu removed all my viewing progress and didn’t show me the new episode alert.

Ahh, that makes sense. Thank you for alerting me.

We saw it on Hulu as well. I didn’t even realize that they were making new episodes until I saw a headline from the Slate or something. I am a bit surprised that they came back but the two eps were great.

I liked the finale, decent wrap-up.

They definitely did a good job doing a show with a lot of callbacks without doing a clip show. And it wasn’t overly sappy.

I love this show and I’m really going to miss it! It was a real shame that they only did 8 episodes over 4 weeks. It went by SO fast.

I have a hard time getting my friends into this show. Everyone I asked said they “just couldn’t get into it.” I know Andy Samberg could be a turn-off if you’re just familiar with his SNL stuff and didn’t like his SNL performance (I was hesitant myself) but he really did an excellent job.

I don’t know why you wouldn’t tune in just to see Andre Braugher in a comedic role, tbh. But then my friends weren’t familiar with his previous roles either (except my brother was a big fan of Homicide but he STILL wouldn’t watch B99!)

Jo Lo Truglio, Terry Crewes, Chelsea Paretti, “the guys who played Hitchcock and Scully”… legends. We came to know Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero, who knocked it out of the park.

Maybe this will become a “cult hit.” IMHO there is not one bad episode. It’s miles better than, say, The Big Bang Theory. Not even in the same boat as far as comedy goes.

Anyway, I’ll miss it.

Andy Samberg kept me from watching it for quite a while just like Chris Elliot kept me from watching Schitt’s Creek until the series was half over.
In those cases, what usually ends up drawing me in is catching a blooper reel or “Best of [character/season/etc]” on youtube.
You might recommend to friends, if they have hangups with an actor or just don’t want to start a show, that they watch a couple of youtube videos about it. It’s usually easier to digest that way and can draw someone in with the better parts of the show.

The show wasn’t that great when it first started. Jake was mostly annoying and Charles was a creepy one-note character.

It seems like all Michael Schur shows start slow and really get good once a relationship happens between the lead and another main character (Leslie and Ben, Eleanor and Chidi, Jake and Amy).

Yeah. I was so glad when Boyle became less of a creep.

Note that Hitchcock is played by Dan Blocker’s son (“Hoss” on Bonanza - you can see the resemblance of course).

Yeah, I didn’t know it was back until I hear someone else talking about it. Usually when a new season I’m following pops up Hulu is good about telling me. I enjoyed the last season though it went by so quickly. They wrapped up the series in a way that felt natural and not at all forced and I appreciated that. Things changed and life simply went on.

I thought it was a good finale and I don’t like a lot of finales. So many shows just phone it in their last season. I’m sad it’s over but 8 years with a resurrection were a gift

Also was in Prince of Darkness and played Moose on some old Archie show.

And he was a Black Sheep squadron member.

best show ever. great wrap up and jake being a stay at home dad is great. although i do see him working with rosa here and there.

I kind of feel like they had two resurrections. I honestly wasn’t sure they were going to come back for a final season because of the pandemic.

What I’ve read is that after several of the episodes for this last season were written, they realized that they needed to start over as they couldn’t ignore the George Floyd murder, BLM and police misconduct. So four episodes were discarded in June of last year. That’s one reason this last season was delayed so long.