Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

Alright, so this thread is late. I started watching the season a little late, saw there was no thread, and felt awkward for starting a thread like 3 weeks into the season. But then after every episode I wanted to go somewhere to talk about it, so now I am awkwardly creating the thread after episode 7.

The show was cancelled by Fox last year and picked up by NBC. The news just hit that it was picked up for season 7 by NBC.

I think the season has come out firing on all cylinders and is fantastic so far. It seems like the cancellation and resurrection has just made them say “fuck it” and they’re just going full bore on the weirdness.

My favorite episode so far is the Hitchcock and Scully backstory episode, particularly the moment that spelled their downfall. The idea that they were bad ass Miami Vice fitness nut cops in the 80s, and sailed on their reputation after that cracked me up.

More thoughts later if I rewatch some of those episodes. Ep 8 is on NBC tomorrow at 9pm.

I’m shocked at how good it is. I figured they’d lose all the edge after Jake and Amy hot married. Was I ever wrong. It’s as funny as ever.

Andre Braugher is worth the price of buying a TV.

I liked the goofy hairstyles (a couple actually looked good) that Rosa wore.
The Hitchcock/Scully episode was a hoot.
I agree, no decline in quality


Also loving it–it’s one of the only shows I’ll put up with commercials to watch.

I’m sure i’m not alone in this, but I like to think that “Raymond Holt” is just a pseudonym that Frank Pembleton adopted after he left Baltimore for Brooklyn.

I’m hoping now that they’re on NBC that we’ll get a cameo by Richard Belzer; just a quick scene where he meets Captain Holt and says something like “you sure do look familiar…”

The most recent episode (with the mole in the 99) was hilarious - one of the best ever.

I have to agree with that it is hilarious, but the second statement (one of the best ever) is a high bar to meet. Even in this season, I’d put the Hitchcock/Sculley backstory above this…barely.

Despite L&O, L&O:SVU, and Homicide sharing a universe, Andre Braugher has had multiple appearances as a recurring character in SVU, but not as Frank Pembleton.

There was an interview where Braugher talked about learning at the feet of Denzel Washington during the filming of Glory. That was Braugher’s first major role, and IIRC, Braugher said Washington was very hard on him, but in a good way, elevating Braugher’s game.

I’m a week behind, but at the end of last week’s episode, Jake was telling Boyle how he was Nikolaj’s real father in a heartwarming speech, and Joe Lo Truglio/Boyle responded to that heartwarming moment… by correcting Peralta on his pronunciation of Nikolaj.

That was 100% improvised. You can see Joe get the smile on his face when he realizes that he should make that joke right then, and he surprised Andy Samberg and made him laugh. The scene was supposed to end with another line, but they went with that improv’d take instead.

I love that shit. I bet the cast is involved a lot in the writing of the show, and I bet more of the show is improv than we think.

This show has gone full on bonkers this year, right? It’s not just me noticing it. They used to be grounded somewhere in reality with the relationships of the show, but everyone, especially Holt, is just an extreme, goofy version of themselves this year.

I think they decided something like “well, we were cancelled, then we got a ‘free’ season that was unexpected, let’s just go nuts with it”

Last week was a weird clunker where every character felt wrong, but this week’s was crazy. That has to be one of the fastest paced comedy episodes of any sort ever tried.

A Cinco de Mayo Heist makes as much sense as a Halloween heist, sure.

I don’t even know what they could do to top that nonsense next year.

I’ve started to rewatch from season one as I have seen clips that I do not recognize. This show makes me laugh out loud which is rare nowadays. I loved the scully hitchcock throwback episode too.
Another show that I never hear about is Superstore, the characters also make me chuckle.

Two episodes tonight (5/16) The first’s description says “Terry finds out about whether or not he has passed the lieutenant’s exam”, but didn’t he say he passed?


The first few episodes of the reboot were rough, but they’ve brought most of it back. They are hitting the gags a little too hard now, there was more subtlety before, but the show was evolving anyway. Hope it continues for a while longer.

We were late to B99 - just started watching from the beginning this year.

I’ll have to try to think of some specifics, but my general impression is that this season has had a few more clunkers than previous ones.

Always thought Gena best in small doses - so a couple of the Gena heavy eps didn’t thrill me. Thought the one w/ Boyle’s kid’s real father also weak. I dunno if I’m just hearing some “gross-out” jokes more than before - like about Scully’s health. And what did they do w/ Diaz’s make-up at the start of the season. That was weird.

Hard to say, since all of the characters have always been so cartoonish, but they almost impress me as a tad broader this year.

I agree, B99 and Superstore are my fave current sitcoms. And the Cinco heist ep was wonderful.