Browser which keeps browsing history in tree form?

It would be nice if, instead of just having a “forward” and “back” button, or a series of disconnected tabs in a tabbed browser, I could have a browser which keeps track of my browsing in tree form.

The idea would be, say I go to site A, then link from it to site B. Then I go back to A. Then I link from it to cite C. Then suppose I could open up a window which displays a diagram of the sites I’ve browsed to, including arrows to show which ones lead to which other ones.

In the ABC example, the diagram would be very simple, and of course in such a situation the diagram wouldn’t be so useful. But in more complicated cases, such a diagram would be very useful to me. It would prevent my having to (as I sometimes do) have like twenty or thirty windows or tabs open. I can just close browsing windows without losing track of where I’ve been–because it’s on the diagram!

Well, I hope this made some sense to someone.

Is there such a browser?


You don’t say which browser you use, but there is an extension for Firefox called WebMemo that does just that. There might be similar addons for other browsers.