BSG gets 4th season

Word is out that Sci Fi has officially brought BSG back for another season!!! However this time it will only be 13 episodes rather than 20 that is current season 3 (and season 2.)


I’d guess this means the show has been put on some sort of notice.

Do shows normally get renewed a half season at a time?

Given the amount of filler in season 3 having a shortened season doesn’t sound like a bad idea. 13 episodes is enough to wrap up the series.

Aaron Douglas, Chief Tyrol, came out at a recent con and told fans to write the network because they hadn’t yet been picked up. This caused a bit of upset among the fan forums… and now we can all get drunk and merry!

– IG

The first season was only 13 episodes (I’m pretty sure), and IMO better for it.

Ditto on the shorter season being a good thing, like I said in the other thread.

How often does a show get cut back to 13 eps after two full seasons?

Cutting back to 13 might be better for it, who knows. Seems unusual though.

Dunno. If there is only enough material to last 13 weeks a season, why try and prolong?

Has Ron Moore said he only has material for 13 eps? Did he specifically request only 13 eps?

I don’t know,levdrakon.

Do you think that the writers are coping well with a twenty week season?

Well, that might be better for the Who DOESN’T like the new Battlestar Galactica thread. That seems more for criticism of BSG.