Buggery in the Royal Navy

Cecil - I read with interest your column on buggery in the British Navy, and wonder if are familar with Lenny Bruce’s classic routine “Thank You Mask Man”. In it, the Lone Ranger asks the townspeople to give him Tonto the Indian, because he wants to perform ‘an unnatural act’, after which he says “Besides, I like what they do to homosexuals in this country: throw 'em in prison with a lot of men. Very clever…wash 'em up and get’em ready!” Guess George Carlin and Lenny Bruce were indeed kindred spirits. Love your column.

jdowland, I don’t think there are going to be a lot of comments on this column of Cecil’s.
I already have a column going: Rum, sodomy, and the lash - Cecil's Columns/Staff Reports - Straight Dope Message Board and it hasn’t had any replies. Strange that, I thought there’d be lots of comment.

Nothing here about buggery in the West Village? (snicker)