bumping breasts in crowded places...

the scene: An outdoor artist’s fair/festival on a weekend. A hot summer day, T-shirt weather.

There I am, admiring the wooden carvings displayed on one of the tables. There are lots of tables, each manned by a local craftsman with his stuff for sale. It’s crowded , and people are pushing in both directions as they walk thru the festival on the sidewalk.

As I stand facing the table , with my back to the sidewalk, I realize how crowded it is by the number of soft bumps I am receiving on my back.

Now, I am a true gentleman of proper upbringing…
But I am also a red-blooded male. And I was surprised by the number of women who didnt seem to mind bumping into me. If I was facing the other direction, I’m sure these women wouldnt want me making contact with
their breasts. But when it’s impersonal, anonymous contact with my back, then apparently it’s okay.

How do dopers of the feminine persuasion feel ? Most of the women passing by could have rotated their bodies a bit and bumped me back-to-back, or perhaps crossed their arms in front and bumped into me with their elbows. But instead, I received a steady massage of soft nudges.

Now, I ain’t complaining or nothin’…
just curious

You may get answers to this question that aren’t exactly what you had in mind. :D:D

I assume dopers of the feminine persuasion probably feel kinda like the ones bumping up against you.

When I’m navigating a crowded place, I’m usually hugging my purse in front of me to keep it from whacking anyone and to keep it from being emptied, so my chestal protrusions are not bumping anyone. But even if they do, it doesn’t bother me. I’m more concerned about brushing up against something that’ll leave dirt on my clothes.

I just reach out and tweak their nipples.

They are trying to politely get the message through to your head that “you are standing there like a lump blocking traffic and they would all like you to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!”

“red-blooded male” you may be, but I suspect that these women logjammed behind you would question that “I am a true gentleman of proper upbringing”.

Wow, I’d love to live in Minneapolis, t-bon. It must be wonderful to have enough space everywhere you go that you don’t have to come into contact with other people! Can you stretch your legs out really far in the theatre with room for people to walk in front of them? :stuck_out_tongue:

I build 737’s for a living and most of my work is in the interior of the airplane. The airplane becomes real tight after seats are loaded and bumping and being bumped is common. Of course I prefer to bump into those of the opposite sex. Everyone has been doing it for so long I don’t think most folks really think about it.

Are you sure it was breasts? I mean, you have to get awfully close to someone to bump your breasts on their back. I mean…damn! And my “chestal protrusions” are much larger than average, too. If my breasts brush against someone’s back, either I’m doing it on purpose, or someone has pushed me from behind and I lost my balance!

Yeah, it’s generally something I try to avoid. Maybe that’s a Minneapolis thing ;).

Me, personally? Soft 'n squishy :wink:

Mmmm…squishy. drools

hands Q a dishtowel

I could use one too!

      • No, if you’re a true gentleman, you go up to the biggest lady you can find wearing a green shirt, and twist one nipple back and forth while holding your other hand on your ear and saying “Come in Tokyo! Come in Tokyo! Godzilla is loose!”

Hmmmm… Frottage.