Burn Notice 30 July 09

I think the “real estate agent” is the head Bad Guy. :slight_smile:


Ok, but then why

did she give them the clues that sent them to the safe and the hacker?

Sniff It is only through the benefit of my superior intellect that I was able to figure it out so quickly. Details, details. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to go back and watch it again, but I think they fed her stuff she knew to be true, and she was trying to lead them on and still appear innocent. Who can get into a burn safe, for example?

I kind of felt she might be the one, but when the guy slapped her it was a red herring for a bit.

And Fee might be leaving? Oh no!

Stupid search was not working last week, so I couldn’t post about last week. I forgive them for the false promo that Fee was shot, because the gaslighting was a pleasure and a scream to behold…my family thought I was nuts, taking such delight in Sam and Fee and Michael playing at getting shot.

Any word on Jeffrey Donovan’s DUI arrest?

Well, I don’t believe he said anything anti-semetic…:slight_smile:

He refused to submit to a blood alcohol test so we’ll probably never know if he was actually drunk. What are refusal penalties like in Florida?

My wife said the same thing, but I just said its the trademark Burn Notice bad acting. All of his "clients"initially seem like their taking him for a ride, but it turns out most of the time to be bad acting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my BN (though Fi can definitely use a couple of…tons of cheeseburgers). But the acting throws off my who dunnit radar.

I think you automatically lose your license. But since I’ve never been in that situation, I’m not sure.

Well the show IS call Burn Notice. That won’t be a good name if he gets to be a spy again.
My speculation is that Michael Weston will be put in a position to choose between being a spy and saving Fi. He’ll of course save her, but she still might leave anyway as a cliffhanger.

Nor I, but I think here in Arkansas you can refuse the breath test and insist on the more accurate blood test; that delays it for haf an hour until they can find someone to administer one.

Because it made it seem like she’d given them actual real info on the Serbian dude.

USA is showing a Burn Notice marathon until 11pm tonight. There are some 2007 episodes later tonight…I don’t think I’ve seen all of those.

This USA link has spoilers to last week’s program, but check out Fiona’s face as they watch the car being blown up. :slight_smile:

Yep, she is a bit of a firebug, isn’t she?

I caught what I think was the season one two-part finale with Richard Schiff. It’s quite obvious it’s Carla on the phone after Philip gets shot, but of course, I know that from seeing the later episodes.

I still need to see the premier episode…I bet that was a hoot.

That’s absolutely awesome. Great job with the small details :D.

Also think it’ll be “the way inside” vs. saving Fi next week.

Harming Fi’s gotta be up there with ripping Kirk’s shirt, or killing Harry Jones for Phillip Marlowe.