Burn Notice return date announced!

Not sure if you guys knew this, so I wanted to pass along: Thursday January 21…we get the final half of season 3. 7 new episodes back on Thursday nights. Soo pumped for this


I think *Psych *is returning the same week. Not sure what day, though.

Psych has been moved to Wednesdays, and White Collar to Tuesdays. With the loss of Monk, they’re dismantling Friday nights entirely.

WTF? I like USA’s Friday nights. It lets me have a fully stocked DVR with plenty to watch on saturdays

Can’t happen soon enough. I hate this TV dead zone we are in right now–most of my favorite shows are on hiatus.

Woo hoo!

7 episodes is a half season?

Most hour long shows on cable have fairly short seasons.

Excellent. Thanks for the info.

Yeah, seasons are really short these days. But I’d rather have a short season of great shows than a long season of crap.

A-men to that Tim.
Thanks for the news Professor, I will lift a mojito in your honor on the 21st.


Cable shows are generally better and the 12-13 episode seasons they run cut out a lot of filler.

Agreed and Burn Notice is definitely quality. Keep in mind this isn’t a full season, this is the second half of Season 3. The show is also going to be on Thursdays now, so that’s a good change. Thursday is easily the best night on TV IMO.

Hasn’t Burn Notice always been on Thursdays?