Burning Philosophical Questions

Nobody. They are brought by the Spork Stork.

(OK, I really need to stop reading the boards and go to bed…)

I’m surprised no one else caught this but two of Azargoth’s questions were answered by the Master Himself:

Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

If Pluto is a dog, what is Goofy?

Does that mean that Jabba has a retractable dick? :smiley:

Jabba probably has hemipenes like a snake.

I don’t know … maybe that wasn’t Jabba’s tail that Han stepped on in the Special Edition. :wink:

Where do the missing socks go, when you do your laundry?

::Banging head against the wall in uncontrolled laughter::

Thanks BlackKnight, you made my day with that brilliant one-liner.


Now you got me wondering what a hemipenis is?

Does half of it reside inside the body of his proud owner while the rest is displayed outside for public viewing?

Filthy, please help exorcise this existential doubt which you have just planted in my mind.

Actually, the question of the meaning of life, the universe, and everything was discovered based on a random pulling out of letters Scrabble style. It is “What is six times nine?”

So, what is six times seven?

Why do I have this headache?