Burpin' smoke...

btw, I’ve never burped smoke myself, but I’ve seen others do it.

Jukall…Yes you are a freak. I wish I could burp up smoke sometimes. That would be awesome, like at family dinners and social gatherings. It would be like a cartoon where the character breaths fire then smoke comes out the nose after eating something hot.

But wouldn’t it be cooler if you could just expell smoke without the burp at any time? Then you could change your name to Smokie.

I thought that stuff was supposed to make you mellow!

It would make him mellow if he was smoking it right.

And Jukaal, there are no post whores here, as no one is getting paid to post.

We’re giving it up for free.


Proud to be a wiseass and the aforementioned asshole, but you might want to be careful with the namecalling on this forum. The mods get more than a little peeved by it.

Oh, and your assessment of my life means less than zero to me. Seems you’re the one into substance abuse, pal.

What? You’re not getting your checks, imthjckaz?

Don’t dragons usually burp smoke after polishing off a brave foolish knight? Maybe you’ve got a case of dragon breath.

imthjkaz is right, there are no post whores here. We’ve got post office boxes, post-traumatic stress syndrome, Post Toasties, Post-it Notes, lamp posts, and post-partum blues, but no post whores.

We do get the occasional jerk OP, though.

Jukaal, behave. If you want to call people names, do so in the Pit.

Chefguy, maybe you were joking, but indicating a poster is unwelcome because they use an abbreviation like “lol” is hardly friendly, either.

I was making a feeble attempt at humor. Guess I should have attached one of those smilie thingies.

Look guys, it’s not that hard to understand how a person can burp smoke, really just think for a sec. Where else is it gonna go.

Now…if you were fartin smoke, I might be impressed. :smiley:
I’ll tell ya bout me blowin smoke outta my ear sometime

I’ve burped up smoke, I didn’t think much of it until I almost got busted for it.

And exactly how would that citation be written up?

Judge: WTF? the accused is charged with :confused: blowing smoke in public…er son, were you in a restaurant?

cop: Excuse me your honor, that should read “belching smoke”

Judge: Say that again.

cop: but it was marijuana smoke

You: and you have some evidence?

Judge: Please, explain or prove your case…was he smoking at the time?

cop: BTW he was also fartin smoke :eek: try that one

anyway…sounds like when I was a kid and we worried about gettin busted for papers
Dave’s not here either :smiley: