Bush administration teams up with Islamic extremists

I’ll keep my ranting to myself, but I wanted to share this article with the teeming masses.

The article is a long one. Here’s an excerpt:

Sudan has also drawn the ire of the international community for permitting widespread slavery and repeated human rights abuses. A year ago, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom described the nation as “the world’s most violent abuser of the right to freedom of religion and belief.”
Nevertheless, at the United Nations, Sudan and the United States have repeatedly been on the same page lately. The U.S. has joined with Sudan – and a host of other Islamic countries – to undercut the international consensus on issues ranging from children’s health to women’s rights and global family planning.

There’s oh, so much more. My favorite gem is not from a Bush admin official, though, just a private citizen:

Thomas Jacobson, Focus on the Family’s United Nations manager, took the hyperbole one step further. He claimed CEDAW “seems to pit wives against husbands, girls against fathers, and to attempt to remove [women] from under any male authority.”

Well, hey, at least it’s not like the administration has been working to bring about war in the Middle East, just like Osama planned.

Well, citations from bigoted, “If you don’t believe, you will burn” fundy assholes from “Focus On The Family”, and even the site the OP references don’t really make me give a shit.