But I thought you were someone else...

After viewing the latest MCU installment, I was talking to my husband about the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name of the actress who was cast in that role. I kept wanting to say Alicia Vikander, but I knew it was that other actress who looks like her. Finally, I had to look it up… Brie Larson. I always confuse those two. The have similar looks and became award-nominatingly famous around the same time.

Aside from Alicia Vikander and Brie Larson, I used to do it with young Natalie Portman and young Keira Knightley. They look increasingly dissimilar as time goes by, but when they were young… well, they could be each other’s double.

And with the recent virality of the Zach Braff and Dax Shepard face swap post, I’ve been thinking… what other celebs do you always confuse in your mind?

I was watching the new Lost in Space reboot, and thought Dr. Smith was Ally Sheedy. Nope, Piper Posey. That’s the only one recently.

There are tons of “totally looks like” lists out there. I agree many of them DO look alike, but I still rarely get them confused.

I seem to think that Anna Kendrick and Jessica Chastain are the same person. Whenever I see one advertised in a new movie, I think “she’s in everything.” They kind of look similar, but not that close. Their personalities must seem similar enough to me that I get them confused.

Parker Posey, actually. And the funny thing is, when I saw her on the Lost In Space ad, I thought, “Hey - Elizabeth Banks!”

It took me a while to catch on to the fact that Harvey Weinstein and Harvey Fierstein were two separate people.

I think it’s more common to confuse Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard. In fact, Ms. Howard sings about it.

Given Weinstein’s transgressions I bet it was extra surprising.

During the shoot for The Phantom Menace, particularly when one or the other of them was in the Queen Amidala makeup, even family members apparently had difficulty telling them apart.

(Personally, I quickly realized that Portman’s eyebrows are shaped differently from Knightley’s, and that, even with the white makeup, one could still see the beauty mark on her cheek.)

I’m constantly mistaking John Malkovich for Willem Dafoe, and vice versa. Shadow of the Vampire was particularly confusing.

I learned the other day that Brie Larson and Alison Brie were different people. They merged into “that cheese lady” in my head.

Dax Shepard, Sam Rockwell, and sometimes Ryan Reynolds and Dane Cook might be the same person. I’ve never considered Zach Braff in the same equation but it might be a hair color thing.

When* Max Headroom* came out on DVD a few years ago, I realized that Amanda Pays was not Amanda Donohoe.

Cheese lady, indeed (either of them!). It helps if you had watched Community; Alison Brie was a regular and Brie Larson was in a few episodes.

For me, it’s Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman. I know one of them has died, but I can never remember which one…

I always confused Com Deluise and Chef Prudhomme

Terence Hill and Franco Nero.


From Mr. Hill’s IMDB entry: “Part of the reason he was cast in the westerns was because he looked just like another actor who made hit westerns, Franco Nero. When Nero was not available to do a western, Italian producers cast Hill. Hill then went on to make a name for himself as a western star.”

I always got Mrs Burke mixed up with Dale.

I’ve never mistaken Zach Braff for Dax Shepard, but it’s only recently I realised that Shepard wasn’t one of the stoners at the start of Super Troopers.

I kept getting Halle Berry and Jessica Alba mixed up

Karen Allen, Brooke Adams, and Margot Kidder.

The second I saw the thread title, I drawled "Ah thot yooo were Dayyyle!"

I’m nodding my head at so many of these pairings. I have trouble with “couples” that might not look alike, but that I first encountered at the same time. I saw my first DeNiro and Pacino movies the same weekend (remember those carefree 70s?), and for years I’d have to stop and go “DeNiro… he’s the one in that… no, that’s Hoffm-- no, Pacino!”

Hey, it ain’t just me!

I always get Jessica Biel and Jessica Timberlake confused.