Buttock theft

What a bummer!

The doctor will get his in the end.

What an ass. The courts ought to award her the maximus. She’ll eventually put it behind her and learn from this a posteriori experience.

Wow, that sucks ass. The doc is a real asswipe… I hope he gets his tail knicked.

Yes, the patient was awarded a judgement, but how far will 12,000 go now that her career is in arrears?

Hey, doctors are busy people. They can’t help getting a little behind in their work.

This Doctor appears to be the butt of some very cruel jokes.

And I was thinking the title was about the anorexic models that Abercrombie uses. There’s one in particular with their backside to the camera, and their butt (they’re wearing jeans) is absolutely concave. The poor guy has no ass whatsoever!

That is so bizarre!

Pepper Mill was utterly shocked when, after watching the Mick Jagger/David Bowie music video Dancing in the Streets her mother dryly commented:

“They don’t have an ass between them.”

His butt is not concave, he’s just “sagging.” You can see where his butt ends . . . it’s where the concave starts.

I like big butts and I cannot lie!
So I steal them with a hose!

What a half assed legal claim!


Obligatory “Candide” reference.

My husband said “wow, he’s been broke-backed.”

Perhaps someone is willing to donate some butt fat?

Now the poor dear can only dance cheek to cheek on one side.

Now she’s like the railroads. They dropped their cabooses, too.

Her proctologist will have an easier time examining her now.

Badonck a … dink?