Bzzzzzzzzz (ladies)

Ok I did a search on this and found nothing although I am sure I have seen this before. If you have, then please don’t post a link just ignore this question.

Ladies do you like vibrators? As in vibrators in regards to sex?

Seems to me like overkill at least with couples anyway. All that vibratin…

I mean if you are already pretty sensitive wouldn’t you reach climax too quickly with a vibrator? ( I guess this excludes those that have mulitple orgasms). And if you didn’t reach orgasm quickly wouldn’t all that buzzing tend to numb the hell out of your private parts after a while?

Seems to me that vibrators are almost the stuff of urban legends because in my limited experience I have never run on to a lady that loved or had to have a vibrator. I don’t see how they could compete with a nice warm hand anyway. But then I am probably just naive about it, which is why I am asking the question.

I like mine.

It’s nice because it doesn’t cramp up my hand like masturbation can tend to do, especially if it takes too long.

It’s nice during sex, for a treat. I don’t get off on penetration alone, and often it takes forever if I try to use my hand–too many things that feel good in too many places. A vibrator will get me off quickly enough so that my partner doesn’t have to think about baseball or Barbara Bush for an incredible amount of time.

I don’t HAVE to have one. I can have orgasms easily enough without them. But they’re fun.

Oh, and I don’t know about the rest of the women, but to me there’s no such thing as climaxing too quickly. Generally, women have to concentrate on having orgasms; men have to concentrate on not having them.

So true. Men are just sorta all hung out there in every aspect of the word.

I chuckled the first time I realized what the acronym “B.O.B” stood for :slight_smile:

I like my new one so much I brought it to ChiDope. :smiley: Here’s a thread I started a while back that gives all sorts of detail from all sorts of Doper women: BZZZZZZZZ… Efficacy of Vibrators.

First, what does B.O.B. stand for ?

Now, on the topic:

I LOVE vibrators, I have a drawer full of them (well, only 6 at last count). I have vibes that I use when alone (the bunny), vibes for sex, vibes for travel. I even sold them as a part time job for awhile there.

It just takes me WAY too long to climax without the extra push, and I don’t want my boyfriend to get worn out before the big event.

I don’t ‘have to have’ a vibrator to enjoy sex, but it sure adds to the fun :slight_smile:

battery operated boyfriend :stuck_out_tongue:

Well maybe we just have different friends and exes because quite a number of mine own and use vibrators. Both alone and in conjunction.

They certainly can be fun ‘sharing’ and add to the giggle factor (and usually the moan factor as well). Great fun. Though not for the whole family I guess.

I don’t like the one I got from a friend as a gift. It just is a lot easier to masturbate instead.

I remember you saying you didn’t like the colour Tasha but what else was ‘wrong’ if you don’t mind me asking?

And btw please note I remembered the ‘a’ (that time). :wink:

GO check your email. I just sent you an explanation.

I do not use vibrating dildoes, just a nice vibrator. You can buy them at the drug store. I loathe the wand type and look for the coil type. .

Sometimes we use it as part of love making, sometime i masturbate with it as hubby watches as foreplay and he jumps in and i keep coming and coming. Very fun. It is not over kill. It is needed. My hand cramps if i try by hand. Hubby is not jealous of it and even uses it himself.

Over half an hour shadow, no email. You get the right address? Or is someone somewhere sitting there eyes wide as he reads about something intimate completely unsolicited?

Eh, whatever. I get enough funny responses from people. I’ll tell you in icq. [that reminds me, i need to update my profile to add the #]

My ex-wife and I enjoyed using vibrators to complement oral sex. As several people have noted, it wasn’t necessary but fun.

I haven’t tried one yet. I’m not sure how good of an idea it is though. I’m actually a women who needs to concentrate on not having an orgasm too soon.

Lola I feel your pain. Or pleasure as it were. :slight_smile: