I’m writing a semi-humorous science fiction story. In said story, our intrepid band of adventurers/scientists/heroes interacts with a sentient computer, which I’m longing to name CECIL. The name needs to be an acronym, and I’m stuck on some of the letters. Are there any Dopers out there who are good at this kind of thing? I guess that one of the Cs would stand for “computer” and the I is probably for “information,” but beyond that, I’m stumped.

Oh, and CECIL isn’t necessarily a funny character (his comments are occasionally spun into jokes or are inadvertantly laughable), so I’d like to keep the acronym as serious/scientific/believable as possible.

Thanks bunches, everyone!

Conscience Electronic Computer with Irritating Laugh. Or not.

Cyber-Electron Computer Information Log

Can Ell Come In Late

Could Everyone Count It Later

Central Enlightening Computer - Information Locator

Sorry, that’s all I can come up with for now.

The “L” part is what’s killing me. Here’s all I could come up with.

Concise Eclectic Computerized Intellectual LAM (logical automated machine)

Continued Enlightening Compendiary Ingenious lusus (only use this “L” word if the computer was created in accident)

Or just mix and match them at will :slight_smile:

Central Elitists Controlling Information Logistics

Ummm that is all I can come up with. My brain has ceased functioning now.

Central Emergency Core Information Link/(Locator?) ?

Centralized Electricity Core Information Locator?

Both seem ok, in a cheesy sci-fi way.

— G. Raven

Computer Equipped Core of Infinite Logic

Cursed Electronic Center of Illogical Loquaciousness? :smiley:

Damn! Only the first letters were supposed to be bolded… PREVIEW!!

I didn’t know what to do with the C.E. until I saw Tequila’s post. I suggest:
Concise Eclectic Cybernetic Information Liason.

Cybernetic Electronic Calculation and Infiltration Lifeform.


It’s almost too much fun.

Comlinked Elemental Computer: Informed Logistics

I submit the following based on silent_rob’s submission:

Centralized Electronic Computer Information Locator

Core Evaluation Computer with Intelligent Linguistics

Crap Equipment Causes Immense Lethargy?

Consciousness Engine: Contains Intel (Lite)