Cadbury Creme Eggs are back!

Saw them at the grocery store today. Bye-bye, New Year’s Resolution diet (that I’m not on).


Where I live, I saw them for sale a few days after Christmas along with the much-superior Cadbury Mini Eggs (which are like fun-size bits of heroin).

Did they change the recipe? When I was a kid, I remember the center filling being more runny and…egg like. But I had one a year or two ago, and the center was more solid.

Cadbury was bought out by Kraft recently. Not sure when it actually, like can’t remember the exact date but thank Moses we have google :stuck_out_tongue:

As a british kid, Cadbury used to be my favourite chocolate ever, but the recipe has DEFINITELY changed… Kraft should just stick to making cheese, just sayin.

Now, I either go for a Malteaser Bunny, Smarties Mini Eggs or maybe a Lindt Bunny. Anything is better than Cadbury!

There, googled it for y’all [](The death of Cadbury as I know it…)

You know, they have a Halloween version which is essentially the exact same thing. You don’t have to wait til Christmas.

Since they’re practically year-round now, I experienced a brief glimmer of hope upon seeing the thread title that they had returned to the old recipe.

I didn’t see those for sale but I did see the Christmas version (red, green, and white colored milk chocolate balls). I even bought a few packs. Unfortunately, unlike Easter, they don’t have a dark chocolate version for sale during Christmas. Those are ten times more addictive than the milk chocolate ones.

Yeah . . . They’ve basically changed the recipe from “raw/soft boiled egg” to “hard boiled egg.” :frowning:

Love them love them… the caramel ones are yummy too. As a teen I can remember grossing out adults with the goo inside them. Yes it was runnier, now it sort of solid. I used to buy a dozen and freeze them.

And now the chocolate is waxier somehow and the overall thing is too sickeningly sweet. They used to be so good …:frowning:

Oh man, I always go the day after Easter and stock up on them when they’re on sale. The caramel and chocolate centered ones are good, but nothing like the original. (Although I do wonder why they don’t have peanut butter?)

Food of the gods, I tell ya.

OHMYGOD Peanut Butter Eggs would be so awesome! Don’t Reeses do them? Coz they should. They would make hella bucks at easter haha

Just been to buy a pint of milk and noticed packs of Cadbury’s Creme Egg Biscuits (that’s cookies to you).

Have just sampled one and can report that they are mouthfuls of chocolate heroin.

Looks like they are only on sale in the UK until Easter.

So, bwahahahahahahahahaaaaa Rest of the World :stuck_out_tongue:

You are so evil, taunting us like that!


I’ve been seeing them pop up around here for at least a week. The funny bit is, I still have boxes of the Mini Screme Eggs that I stockpiled before Halloween. :wink:

I have a thing for Cadbury creme eggs.

Around here they have green-filled ones called “Screme Eggs” at Halloween.