Identify this candy

My mom used to get us these candy eggs for our Easter baskets, some time in the early 90s. I am quite sure they came from whatever candy company our church used for a fund raiser at Easter time, not a “brand name” chocolatier (Hershey, Cadbury, Brach’s, etc).

They were candy-coated chocolate eggs, about the same size of or slightly bigger than a peanut M&M. I believe the coating was various pastel colors and speckled.

What made them unique was that instead of a solid chocolate center, they had what I would describe as a simple syrup inside. So when you bit into it you’d get a lovely gush of the stuff.

The stuff inside wasn’t nearly as thick as Cadbury creme. It was quite viscous and, I think, clear.

It’s not robin’s eggs, which are either malt filled (Hershey) or simply solid chocolate (Brach’s).

It’s not quail’s eggs, which I found somewhere, as they are filled with caramel.

It’s not Cadbury mini-eggs, which are solid chocolate.

Anyone know what I’m talking about, and where I might find some?

Has anyone even eaten this type of candy? I know I didn’t dream it - we got it in our baskets at least a few times :slight_smile:

My WAG is that it was some version of a Cadbury Creme. The two pics below are both of a Cadbury Creme. I’m assuming they must be different in some way judging by the one oozing and the other not. The oozing one couldn’t have been heated or the chocolate would have melted.

Don’t know if this has something to do with it, but from Hershey’s website:

Ingredient Notification: Mini Crème Eggs have been reformulated and now contain egg whites. During the transition period, both the original and reformulated products will be in the marketplace.

I’m familiar with Cadbury creme eggs, and these were definitely not those. They were quite small, had a candy coating and weren’t as full of “stuff” as the Mini Creme Eggs. They also weren’t individually wrapped (forgot to mention that).

From what I have seen, they are much like a Cadbury Mini Egg (not a Mini Creme Egg) - except there was definitely liquid inside. Not creamy goo, but liquid. A Cadbury Mini Egg is just candy-coated Cadbury chocolate.

I see what you’re saying about the egg whites vs. no egg whites, but I’m sure what I am remembering is not a Mini Creme Egg. Thanks, tho.

Now I want a Creme Egg, however. Stopping to get gas on the way to Grandpa’s for Easter dinner tomorrow…will see if the gas station stocks them :smiley:

I know of this candy - it’s very popular in Germany. The filling is almost like what you’d get in an alcohol-filled candy, except it’s not alcohol, just a sugar syrup (perhaps fruit flavored).

Were they some variant of cordials?

Hmmm a cordial, yeah that sounds pretty close. I suspect it could be described as a candy-coated cordial. Will search more - thanks!

I put that candy in my kids’ Easter baskets this year. I bought it at Terra Toys in Austin, TX. Unfortunately, they had repackaged it in the store for Easter so there was no labeling on the bags I bought, but it’s a small store–if you contacted them, they could tell you what it’s called and where you can get some.

Cool, thanks! I emailed this thread to Terra Toys and will see what they say!