Calgary in May. (So far so good!)

Yep…I’m hoping to be there!

I’ve got the time booked off (May 18-25) and I am working on a flight now!

I’ll be kipping at Driftwood’s place and this time I won’t have to worry about the ‘tourist’ thing! (Ok…I will go to the Bad Lands if I can.)

Time to lay the ‘smack down’ to a couple of the local pubs! (Not to mention go see Episode II while I’m there. :))

Well, my flight is booked!

I arrive in Calgary on May 17 at 5PM and leave on Friday May 24 at 4!

Now all I have to do is wait… :slight_smile:

Calgary in spring kicks ass. I wish I was going to be around for the visit.

Your timing sucks. Kiss Driftwood for me, and be sure to indulge in the unprotected anal sex. :smiley:

Anal sex? Sure…but I am NOT kissing him!

Yeah, I know the timing sucks in that regard…but will always have Paris. :wink: