Call Me Uncle Hal!

Woohoo! Baby Richie has arrived! (and not a moment too soon, according to the new mom, my wife’s sister – she was beginning to get slightly uncomfortable)

Don’t worry, kiddo – thirteen years from now, I’ll be happy to pick up the tab for your membership here.

Congrats. (To Ewe and nephew.)

See, I’ve been researching your profile…

Yes, wouldn’t that be a nephewe?

Sorry, Hal - it’s just way too easy…


Hi Uncle Hal!!

Why does that make me feel sheepish?

Congradulations Hal!

As uncle, your job is now to go out and buy all the toys your sister and brother-in-law don’t want around. Right now, you’re in the shiny-and-mirrors era. Soon, you’ll be in the blinking-lights and beeping phase. Make sure to get extras of the fun toys. For when you’re babysitting, of course.

Also, might want to fill the kiddo in on Uncle Hal’s doping history before buying that membership, hee.

Ahh, as tempting as that may be, we’ll probably have to be good about the whole “drum kit for Christmas” thing. See, we have a 21-month-old daughter, and the new mom has been very respectful of the whole “don’t buy your niece anything too noisy or we’ll kill you” policy we have in place. It really wouldn’t be fair of us to do differently.

Unless, of course, someone were to fire an opening salvo in a “who can buy the most annoying toy?” war. Hmmmm…