Calling all case-modders

So I bought a window kit for my PC case. I’m following the directions and I cut I nice hole in the side of my case. I go to put the rubber gromit-thingy on the inside of the hole.

It won’t stay. Seems in order to put it on properly. the the rubber has to be twisted against its memory. Well kinda sideways. I struggled with this thing for an hour but no luck. I think it might be a product of how it was stored in the packaging. Anyone run into this before? How can I install this damn window!

Sorry if this isn’t all that clear, it’s pretty hard to explain. I’m just hoping someone has run across the same problem.

Have you tried heating it?

Take a hair dryer to it and try installing it while it’s a little warm.

Excellent idea! Dunno if I have a hair dryer though.

::comes into thread prepared to discuss text-parsing functions for converting upper case to conventionally mixed-case strings and how to cope with acronyms when you do so, and so forth::


Ummm…I don’t suppose you’d want to substitute a tube of GE silicone for the malformed grommet?

:::hmm…would that be DryCure(Substitute(WindowKit::Gromet, UserSupplied::GE Silicone), TextToTime(“0:60:00”) ) ?:::