Laziest. Case Mod. Ever.

Found this on . Thought it was pretty funny.

I’d like to know what a cound card is.

I wonder what the RF-shielding coefficient of cardboard is?

I spent 150 dollars last weekend on a case and power-supply when I could have done that??! :eek:

I have some old computer parts lying around… this gives me an idea hehehehe…

Afraid it would catch fire? I’d be afraid it would overheat! There’s no way it could have adequate ventillation in that.

Here’s a site with loads of weird case mod’s:

Among the entries are a toilet (“man what a shitty computer!”), a gingerbread house and a metal pumpkin.


And yet it’s still just another beige computer :slight_smile:

How cool is that Cyberpumpkin on!