Calories in Semen

From the article, Lynn W. said:

We do? We all do?

What I want to know is, who goes around tasting raw egg white, and why?

I hear that tasting egg whites first thing in the morning will make you want to run up and down the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Oh, leave me Stallone, someone had to say it.

Leave the yolks to the professionals.

I’ve been asked many times “What are you? Albumin comedian?”
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Are you guys done egging each other on yet?
(To the OP: I’ve tasted egg whites, and there’s a good chance you have too. They’re called meringue, like on lemon meringue pie. I’ve also tasted them inadvertently when cracking eggs for cooking and slopping a little egg white onto a fingertip. They don’t taste like much; certainly they don’t taste like semen.)

O cum on you guys, knock it off!

did i do it right?

No eggsageration, WhyNot, I think the comparison is more about the consistency than the flavor. I certainly don’t know from a taste comparison (I’ve only tasted egg, not semen) but I’d guess a sugared-up meringue isn’t what was in mind here.

Do we have any eggsperts here? Maybe they can tell us which egg-white format has the closest taste, eggsetera.

Way too soon, and anticlimactic.

So, would it be un-semenly soon to offer SeanArens premature congratulations?

Obligatory Pan-fried semen thread.

Link to column.

I guess that the taste of egg white is pretty consistent across the range, but I naturally expect to be corrected if I am wrong.

However, it seems that the subtle flavours enjoyed by the semen taster vary according to the diet followed by the semen producer. Rather than loiter on street corners conducting my own survey among passers-by, I would like to offer some conclusions obtained by trawling the internet for anecdotal evidence.

The healthier a man is, the better his semen tastes. The discerning consumer should seek out a non-smoking vegetarian who eschews coffee but drinks vast quantities of cranberry juice. Or water. These liquids dilute the concentration of salts and minerals contained in the semen, thus providing a more palatable dining experience for gourmets of the male sexual fluid.

Consumers should at all costs avoid semen which is tainted by a diet laden with garlic and onions. This piece of wisdom must explain why, on those occasions when I have escorted women to dinner where onions have featured on the menu, I have not been subsequently invited into their homes ‘for coffee’.

Garbage in, garbage out. Let those be our watchwords.

I meant to respond to this last night, but I must have dozed off. Can I make it up to you with breakfast?

Egg white omelet?
As for the taste of semen, I’m sure I have tasted it, but I can’t recall any particular flavor. It does seem to have a very distinctive smell though and the opinions I’ve heard seem to be that while the taste may vary, the smell does not.

Unfortunately, my sample size is far too small to allow for valid generalization.

I suspect they’d tell me the same thing at the clinic.

ETA: Dammit! There was a joke in there, but it obviously misfired. Now all I can do is clean up the mess.

No need to be so hard-on yourself.

Oooops. Meant SixSwords.

Perhaps this can be researched further, later this year, when scientists make another pass at using the Large Hardon Collector. The first attempt was rebuffed.

Hey, some people like those!

And though it may be tasteless to mention, such strong ingredients affect the female flavor too.

But then, if it doesn’t make your eyes water you’re probably not doing it right.

Do you mean the ejaculate (when present) or the general vaginal scent?

I have noticed a difference from woman to woman, but not in the same woman from day to day. At least not a noticeable “flavor” difference.

General vaginal flavor. For several days…