Can a non-invited party join a closed-group on FB?

I’m a member of a ‘closed-group’ on FaceBook…it’s a tame little employee group where we bitch and moan about our workplace and the PTB who give us grief. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the last few weeks, we’ve noticed that some of the posts have been deleted, and that at least one of the posts has been forwarded to the very same PTB who are not particularly happy about what is being discussed.

Do we have a hacker, a mole, or just a bunch of really paranoid co-workers?

I’m really old and not quite up to par with this whole social media thing. Be nice with your comments please…otherwise I might just go all apoplectic or summat.


I say you got a mole. If the group is really private, there should be no way for anyone to even see it without an invitation.

Now you get to have a 24-style mole hunt, how fun!

Indeed…the beauty of this is that our ‘work’ place is our own homes…we all telecommute from all the reaches of Australia, and few of us have met each other in the flesh. However, that being said, I do have a few ideas about who the weird ones are…and a couple in particular have MOLE written all over their virtual foreheads!! :smiley: