Can anyone help me with this web game, "Found Lost"?

Not a marvelous game, but it passes the time at work. How does one get through that locked door in the kitchen? Also, in the living room there’s a piece of paper under a couch cushion, but I can’t get it to page down or whatever to read the rest of it. And is there any significance to the hole in the window in the bedroom? I figure if the Dopers can’t work it out, then the game is unplayable and the creator should be chastised with a whip made of hardened Cheez Whiz.

Oh, yeah. Link.

Darn you, Marlitharn, now I’m just too curious to see what’s behind that locked door. If anyone figures it out, I’ll be interested to know. The only really creative thing, though, is the weird breathing sounds when you open those windows. Dunno … probably poorly written, but I hope it’s got SOME resolution!

Heh. I’m playing it at work, where I don’t have speakers to listen to any sounds with. I wonder if I’m missing an important clue because I can’t hear what’s going on?

I hate the ‘hunt the pixel’ that happens when you try to open something, like oh say, the nightstands in the bedroom.

<< Slippery when wet. >>

Okay how to get the locked door open ???

Clues to the door thing seem to be the phrases from the journal in the toilet tank :

…I asked him to make the clock a secret…the key for…if he would do the living room

…and I keep forgetting…key…1 and 1 …to get up there

now that should give you all you need to open it

if anyone gets to attic after opening the locked door could you post what the tape says as I am at work so I can not listen to it
pretty please !

So you’ve opened the door, Myxlpltt? The clock is unclickable, and the only thing resembling numbers are the door handles on the front door.

Why not just give us the answer in a spoiler box?

Click on the 11 on the clock. 'Tis a tiny pixel.

Myx, it sounds like an audio recording played backwards. And screeching. Seems to be very much a “The Ring” meets “Blair Witch” idea.

it is not as satisfying as you would think it would be to open the door

Munch as you can see I am more of a lurker so I am currently looking into making those spoiler boxes for important info in the future

Did I mention I hate ‘find the pixel’? GAAAAH. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks though, Myxlpltt! :slight_smile:

That’s it? A pixel hunt and a stupid ending? Oooooo, scary.

Oh well.

Going on that assumption, I captured the audio in Sound Recorder and reversed it. It is a woman talking in a rather hurried manner – sounds as though it was edited to take out spaces. Anyway, what she’s saying is something along these lines:

And you know she’s serious about the “subconscious” thing, because she put “really, really” before it.
She honestly sounds sorta like a surfer chick.

Wow, well done, PRNYouth!

Have I mentioned before how much you guys rock? Much more than this game, which I’ve now finished. It left me feeling…empty.

I think it’s time to steal my Playstation back from my son and crank up some Silent Hill.