Can anyone make up a punchline to this joke?

This is a made-up joke that has NO punchline. Anyone think of a good one?

An elephant is walking through the jungle when a monkey leaps down from the trees and pulls his tail really fast. The elephant screams in pain, and turns around, but the monkey has jumped back into the tree, and vanished into the jungle. The elephant is a bit perturbed, but carries on, when a parrot swoops out of the sky, grabs his tail in it’s beak and pulls really hard! The elephant trumpets out his pain, and turns round, but the parrot is long gone. The elephant is furious now, and stomps further into the jungle. A snake slithers up from behind a rock and loops itself round the elephant’s tail. As he is pulling it, the elephant manages to swing his tail, throwing the snake stunned to the floor. Pinning it to the ground, the now livid elephant demands to know why everyone in the damn jungle is intent on pulling his tail. The snake replies…

Any ideas?

Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana.

Sorry, I’m riding no sleep and looking at a loooooong day.

a worse one and only would work in US these days:

“we’re looking for Gore votes”

Beats me. I was just trying to get laid.

The snake replies, “Boogeda Boogeda blarg darsle!!” (Said while flailing your arms madly and jumping around.)

Okay, so it’d only make a 3 year old laugh, but I think it’s funny.

I’d just like to go on the record saying that even if I wasn’t a complete idiot and could make up a punchline, I still don’t think this could ever be a very funny joke.

Haha, you’ve proved yourself wrong. I thought that was funny!

Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Try the fish and remember the 7:30 show is different from the 9:30 show.

The snake says:

“Tail? What tail? I was just trying to mate.”

Happy to make this my 300th post.

DAMNIT! I swear, I did not see this post before I posted. I must have scrolled past it. Now I seem like some sort of unoriginal bastard. (I like your wording better, though).


Yeah, my first thought was :

“Why are you pissed at me ? I demand a recount !!”

Damned media.

“Whoa ! Sorry . . . thought you were a pregnant chad.”

Well…at least I know one person didn’t go “huh?”.

“Because you don’t have a finger to pull!”
Biffer, if you want a good punchline, you have GOT to give us a better set-up than this!

:: tears up the joke and throws the pieces in the air ::

Now try again. :slight_smile:

…the snake replies…
Hey! It’s a talking elephant!!!

Fairy chat mom, that is an inspired punchline.

Then there was the one about the guy who burned his hands while getting ready to cook Thanksgiving dinner. His girlfriend quickly poured a couple of cans of domestic beer into a bowl and said, “Soak your hands in this… I heard the hops are soothing and the alcohol will sterilize them.”

She leaves the room and when she returns, he is ignoring the bowl of beer and instead has one hand shoved inside the body cavity of the turkey he was about to cook. “What are you doing?” she asked; he replied,
“What can I say? A hand in the bird is worth two in the Busch.”

Thanks, but it’s actually the punchline to another joke. I thought it worked here as well, tho.

But what do I know - I’m an engineer… :smiley:


[sub]Well, somebody had to…[sub]

“I’m sorry, we didn’t realize that was your tail.”

I know it’s bad. But I’m drunk and that has to count for something, doesn’t it?

“If we pulled your trunk, you’d see us sneaking up!”

…because if we pushed your tail, it would disappear up your ass! :smiley:

The snake replies, “All I know is that the parrot told me that the monkey told him that we were testing a new e-mail tracking program for Bill Gates and everyone that pulled your tail would get a check for a thousand dollars.”