Can anyone recommend a photo app for kids? Ipod 4th generation. No internet access.

Note: I have no idea how strict we may look here, but my wife and I have some rules on devices. As a teacher, I see hundreds of kids on social media too early for themselves and we avoid it with our kids still(ages 8 and 10).

More details here:

  1. My wife is letting my daughter(age 10) use an old Ipod touch. 4th generation, no internet access.

  2. Obviously, it has not updated iOs in forever. And it no longer can, of course.

  3. No snapchat, facebook, or any social media allowed by us.

She uses it to take pictures and listen to some music I put on there.

She wanted an app that would let her add bunny ears and other funny edits to her pictures.

Is there anything I can still add on that device that would do this?

I am not sure if old Ipods can still add apps at all. I can turn on the internet and get stuff if the app store allows. I also thought perhaps old apps could be added via Itunes for Windows. Not sure if that is correct.


Good luck with that. I have a 4th gen iPod and just tried to download a photo editor app, and failed as it required iOS 9 or later and we’re stuck with iOS 6. Of course, being old I don’t know exactly what adding bunny ears is called, so I just tried a photo editing app that looked like something kids would use. Does anyone with a preteen care to ask what these apps are called so I can search for them? That may help but I suspect the old iOS is going to be the issue for any modern app.