Can Anything Be Done To Improve The Male Ejaculatory Expulsion?

Besides abstaining from orgasm for a prolonged period of time in order to build up pressure and accumulate volume, is there anything a male can do to increase the velocity, volume, and/or total distance traveled of his ejaculatory emission?

I’ve already determined that, ignoring wind resistance, holding the penis at a 45 degree angle will maximize the range of the expulsion in the horizontal plane-

Beyond doing this, are there any other techniques one can use to enhance the ejaculatory projectile? I’ve heard that taking vitamin E helps, but in my experience this has no effect whatsoever.


You may want to take a read through this recent thread.

Well you can get a chain saw and get it running flat out, then you …sorry thought this was the daily serial killer thread.

Are you sponsoring a contest?

Why don’t you jack off onto a lawnchair with weather balloons tied to it’s sides? Or better yet, why don’t you go up in a lawnchair with weather balloons tied to it’s sides and then jack off? If your quest is to become the Johnny Appleseed of sperm spreadage, it’d be a respecta… err… decen… err… good start.

A small, inline pump. Battery, or possibly even nuclear powered.

Take a cue from Post #2.
At the critical moment have an assistant drive a fence post up to and against the prostrate.
If that procedure doen’t get the results you desire, nothing will.

Ah, so that’s where creosote come from.

Interesting post that #2, but particular for this thread I’d add that applying pressure similar to what you do with a gardening hose may just add a few feet also.

These threads are funny, I’m getting all giddy again. Or is that aroused? :smiley:

Which is rignt now sequential to this one. I’m just too lazy to post in MPSIMS about it.
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