Can blindness be caused by excessive masturbation?

I’m not a doctor, so please take this with a HUGE grain of salt; but I think as long as you don 't attach ice picks to your wrist while trying to get a closer look at what’s going on you’ll be A-OK.

The happy medium is to stop when you can no longer see the hair on your palms…


Apparently, you’re doing it wrong. :wink:

If we are talking about frequent orgasms causing nutrient loss, leading to blindness, then why not have the same stigma attach to too much actual sex with a partner? (penetration of oral) I think this myth is mostly related to taboos against self-pleasuring.

Um, the OP linked 2 disparate things which fairly clearly have no causal relationship. Other than the first reply (by TreacherousCretin), we’ve pretty much just been having fun with the subject at hand. Although, come to think of it, if the choice were between masturbation and your suggestion, “penetration of oral” would be my preferred way to go. Er, um … yes, I’m going to stick with “go”.

I saw what you did there.

This question aroused my curiosity enough to try to get a grip on the origin of this ‘myth’.

Looking at certain sexually transmitted diseases, some can invade the eyes if good hygene practices aren’t followed. I could believe some people don’t wash their hands after handling their happy organs, maybe have a nap, and rub their face at some point.

  • syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, etc can maybe cause conjunctivitis or keratitis (inflamation of the cornea).

  • the fungus that causes candidia (thrush) can potentialy infect the eye.

  • syphilis can affect the retina.

Anyway, I don’t know that any of these can cause blindness, but perhaps, in times gone by, they were more damaging without access to clean water or medication.

Anyway, I gotta go scrub my hands.

I think sperm production would suffer and/or the nutritional content of the ejaculate would decrease well before excessive masturbation made a noticable difference for nutrient levels in the rest of the body.

No, it’s not biblical. I don’t know of an actual reference, but it’s just one of those quirky made up warnings from medieval times.

I think this thread is missing the really important aspect…masturbating repeatedly at work seems like it would be an excellent way to lose your job.

I think it just depends on where you work. Every place I’ve worked at has had a stack of stick books stashed somewhere, so I assumed masturbation was not just ok, but encouraged.

Especially if you’re a teacher:

Well, 95% of the people who go blind admit to masturbating. The rest are liars.

Not masturbating can cause a form of blindness where very heavy women appear much thinner until you have released your pent up load.

A larger question: can blindness lead to masturbation?

I know that seeing leads to masturbation, and for 15-year-old boys, breathing, but is there a correlation between blindness and masturbation?

Maybe because you cannot get nearly as much sex as you can masturbate? All it takes to masturbate is 5 minutes. A man can do that several times a day for decades. Good luck on finding sex partner(s) willing to have full-time sex for all time to come.

I can’t see how.


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If this was true, man!!!-I’d be so blind by now…