Can Charter Members Post Pictures?

Because I recently tried, all to no avail.

I first tried to do it from my smartphone. But I kept getting the message my pic was too large. So I tried to crop and resize it. Finally, when I thought I was about to be successful, I got the message that the board doesn’t accept imbedded images.

So can you? And if so, how?


Chana Masala, coconut rice


A picture I took on Saturday morning. Discourse would not allow me to embed media, so I uploaded to and pasted the link in.

You can’t post pictures directly to the site (except for your profile picture). You need to upload to another site and post a link, by itself on a line.

I tried again, same problem. I can even copy and past the error message I got: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.

Copy this link:

Paste the link, all by itself, and post it.


Let’s try that a different way too (just the link by itself, if I understand you):

Nooooo, you posted it as a link.
Just post what you copied.

Just copy from my post and paste it in your message.

This is what I was originally trying to post:

Okay, so how do I post my own pictures then?

EDIT: Oh, @Telemark I see your point now :slight_smile:.