Can I ask for a 'site check / feedback'?

Simple question, but one I would rather ask first that bear the weight of the mods (especially that new one xash).

I have built an internet site were photographers use me to put their clients wedding album on line.

I know there are many self-service sites, so this one is for those who are not capable (either because they don’t have the technology, time, inclination or otherwise).

The photographers sell the service to their clients and add a margin.

So essentially for ‘subcontracting’ me to do their scanning and building, they get to make more dollars.

I have checked out the site in IE6 and NS7 using WinXP, but I wanted to see if there was anyone out there that was experiencing problems with the site as it stands now.

As this is a for-profit site, I want to ask whether it is OK to start an IMHO thread asking people to ‘check’ the site and provide feedback.

Do you think this would be OK or would this appear to be spamming?


Have you tried checking with the Admins directly by email?

No I haven’t, but I do know that Arnold was responding around the time I was posting so I thought he may have had an instant opinion, but seems not.

It’s also the wrong time of day for a quickie answer.

We need a mod or admin on this side of the planet.

I’ll see what people have to say and if I don’t get an admin or mod position I’ll email, but thanks for the suggestion.

This is probably okay, but this should be in MPSIMS . . . and make it clear in your initial post to the thread that you asked us first.

It’s always better to ask first around here.


your humble TubaDiva

Caught@Work, have you tried a site like I think it simulates a lot of common browsers and shows you a screen grab of each displaying your site. I haven’t checked it out, but it might be worth your while. redirects to, so probably not much use there.

Browser compatability is a big part, but I also want opinion as to whether the site in navigable, useable, awful or other suggestions for improvement.

I’m still putting the new OP together, so I can ensure I get what I am looking for.

Thanks for the suggestion though, much appreciated.