Can my neighbors hear me hammering?

I’m a “night” person, and usually do my work throughout the night. Tonight I need to do some hammering of nails into wood for about 1/2 hour, and I’m concerned about annoying my neighbors. Our houses are both brick, a driveway apart, and have double-paned windows. The room where I need to hammer is right across from them. If I wait until tomorrow, there’s really nothing I have to do instead, so my work will be several hours behind.

So should I hammer tonight?

could you put yourself under a mattress to help deaden the sound?

drill the nail holes slightly shallow with a slightly smaller diameter drill bit. it will still give enough friction and tightness for the nail to hold without the nail needing to do the fiber cutting (which makes the noise).

I would have a bit more respect for my neighbors.

I would hammer in our basement and have my son go outside next to the neighbors’ house and tell me if he can hear it, but I’ve got an ancient cat in my lap and he doesn’t want to get up. Unless the windows are open, I wouldn’t expect them to hear it unless they’re being driven by a sledge hammer.

Do you have a neighbor named Tom? He may have written a song wondering What you are building in there… :smiley:

Are those storms in NE Ohio headed your way? Rain or storms would make a good cover.

Just do it before midnight. How about now!

If you didn’t have a neighbour, you’d hammer in the morning; you’d hammer in the evening–all over this land. You’d hammer out danger, you’d hammer out a warning, you’d hammer out love between, your brothers and your sisters, all over your hood.
But you do have neighbours.

So unfortunately, you’ll have to stop your hammertime.

“More respect” than what? Trying to avoid disturbing them?

With the amount of isolation you have you are probably going to be OK. Obviously it depends a bit on what level of hammering you are doing. 6" nails into solid wood is going to be a lot different to brads into softwood. The noise is going to leak out of the window, and curtains will help. A mattress against the window even better. Indeed any dampening in the room will help too, as the vast majority of the sound will be reverberant, bouncing off the walls a few times before it exits.

Since the only people who can answer this factually are the neighbors, let’s move this to IMHO.

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I used to have a neighbor in a next-door house who frequently hammered.

It helps a LOT if the windows are shut. That said, if you’ll only be hammering for half an hour, you should be fine. It’s only after an hour or so that things go from being merely sorta disturbing, to being aggravating.

Your neighbor is probably just hella glad you don’t have a windchime. :smiley:

While you may be far enough from your neighbors that they won’t hear you, you can’t be sure. Personally, I would be very annoyed at a neighbor who was so inconsiderate as to hammer after about 8 or 9 PM. If you’re really concerned about possibly annoying the neighbors, then wait until the morning.

I did once, in a similar housing situation to you (brick houses, closed windows, about a driveway in between), annoy a neighbour by making lemon cheesecake (which for our recipe involves battering a packet of cookies to death with a Big Heavy Thing to make the crust) at about 11pm.

I imagine if she could hear that, your neighbours can probably hear real hammering.

Some people go to bed by 9 pm. Others work nights and sleep until 11 am. If you want to avoid being an asshole, save your hammering for AFTER 11 am, and stop by 9 pm.

Of course, there’s no reason you HAVE to abide by those deadlines, but if you don’t you risk pissing someone off.

Oddly enough, I always thought it was the “metal forcefully hitting metal” part that made the noise.

But can he still collaborate and listen?

Did you wind up hammering last night? If so, wander across to the neighbors sometime today, and ask if it disturbed them. Then you’ll know for next time.

I’d go ahead and hammer, but I would take some breaks to bury bloody sheets in the yard.