can someone offer some advice?

thank you for helping a 15 year old with a major problem…those of you who like to help teenagers…i need a lot of help…ok…ill put it this way…i like person A…but he likes person B…and person C likes me…but i only like him as a friend…but since i cant get with person A im debating on going out w/ person C even tho i dont like him…if any of you understand that…please offer some advice:confused:

Some advice. Don’t post things like this. It’ll make some people lose respect. Set up the problem more cogently and use capitalization. :smiley:
[Disclaimer: the above advice is to be taken as tongue in cheek, and not as harsh and overly critical]

Second piece of advice. Look for person’s D, E, F, G, H, … Y, and Z. Forget about the first three.

Where’s the .jpeg from your introduction thread?:smiley:

You like person C as a friend, but you don’t like him.

So which is it?

Go out with him.

Give up on person A for the time being. Completely. Put him out of your mind and worry about person C.

Ilsa…alright, thanks for the advice, sorry, i dont know how to post a jpeg on here yet…

It was a joke. I wasn’t *really *hitting on you.

Was I?

You can’t post .pegs directly onto the board, you have to link to them.

You can’t! Don’t pay attention to them!

If you don’t like C in a romantic sense then just don’t go out with him. Simple as that.

Plenty of people out there to date. No sense lowering your standards.

And it’s NEVER a good idea to date someone just to be dating them. You should be fine on your own, right?

And welcome aboard, foxygal07. I hope you like it here.

It is clear that the OP really wants to go out with blonde and buxom B but is trying to hide this from quiet and charming C, who really only has eyes for the hunk A. Or have I been watching too many French movies recently?

I agree with bippythebeardless, quit screwing around. Your hormones are affecting you.

At 15 it is more important to develop who you are then to try to start relationships. You are young and dumb just like everyone else your age is and like those of us who are beyond that age were and sadly some of us still are. When I was 15 (god that makes me feel old) none of my friends were dating. My peers that were dating were either not serious and prone to ‘boyfriend of the week syndrome’ or were married with children, divorced with children, or just with children by graduation. If you like C as a friend, hang out with C as a friend. At your 10 year reunion, you will still be friends. If you date him, 10 years form now he will be your Ex and it will be awkward. Enjoy what you have and don’t try to make more out of it than it is. Then when you are old like me, you will really appreciate what your friends meant to you. Onle of the coolest things that happened to me after high school graduation was the mother of an underclassman personally thanked me for being her daughters friend. We weren’t even that close and I even got her grounded once, but friendships last forever. Be a friend.

xbuckeye…thanks, i think im taking you’re advice to heart…“A” is an ex of mine, but we are still best friends, but i guess its like i always seem to fall back in love with him, and C is just a friend to me, and i really dont want to use him…thanks

You really throw the word ‘love’ around. Try not to think about it in those terms. xbuckeye gave the best advice so far. Try to meet new people.

ok…let me rephrase that one…I always seem to start to like him again

About to hit the big Two-O!

Worry about having fun, not whether or not A likes X and C has been looking sideways at GH.