I need someone Opinion Men and Woman please?

I meant this guy one line and we went out a few times and he asked me to be his girlfriend and he said he would delete his dating site if I did, he flies planes for a living and he also teaches people how to fly them, my girlfriend had sent him a message and told him that she just moved to the area and that she never been up in one and would like to know if he would be interested in taking her up in one, and asked him how he was doing on the site before he deleted the site, and she is very pretty, you know kind of hitting him and seeing where it went to see if he was for real or not, or was he out to hurt me, I will post the message on here so I dont change anything that was said so I can see if I am over reacting or should I just curb this man and walk away, I put everything into the relationship like I bought him something really nice for Christmas and it cost me 150.00 dollars and that was alot of money for me, I dont work that much so I dont have alot of money, I was going to buy it because I know he would have really liked it, I put my all in to it and now I am really up set because I thought he really cared about me, what would you do? Please help me figure this out :dubious: Here is the message that were sent…

How long have you been flying for? I never been in a plane before and I dont live to far from you, would you be interested in taking me up in one? Maybe going out on a date some time? Have you had any luck on this site? I just moved here and would like to meet some new people are you up for that? She wrote

He replied with Love to take ya up sometime. So where in silver spring do you live?

That was all that was said so far I will keep you up dated on the rest, what would you do?

Stop drinking for a longer period before I post.

You obviously don’t trust the guy or you wouldn’t have had your friend try to set him up. If I were you, I’d get out of the relationship. Either he isn’t trustworthy or you aren’t mature enough.

Good advice!

This kind of questions should be posted in the IMHO forum (the GQ forum is intended for question with a factual answer, not for advices about relationships or such things).

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I like the way you think and you are lucky to have a friend who would do this. Why not ask your friend to follow up and ask him a few more “explicit” questions about love & dating, that way you will get a clear and unambiguous answer.

Men (plural) and woman (singular) in the title. Why? Is it a typo or is there a deeper message (hidden meaning)? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would offer my opinion but since the OP wants “men” and “woman” opinions, I need to know if any of the previous responders are also female.

Honestly, though, OP, you’ve got some trust issues. How long have you been dating this guy? If he flies for a living and he teaches flying for a living, isn’t it possible that he sees your friend as a potential customer or student? Setting him up like that seems awfully strange - has he given you reason to believe he’s not being honest with you?

Oh, and “putting everything into the relationship” does not mean that you buy expensive shit for Christmas. If you’re putting in “everything” and he’s not giving back, and/or your view of “everything” has a dollar amount, you may need to re-evaluate this relationship and your attitude towards relationships in general.

Please, put these in their right places and I’ll try to read it again.

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Am I the only one wondering why all the periods were removed from the text and turned into a giant ellipsis at the end?

He promised to delete his dating profile on the site where you met, IF, you became his girlfriend.

Did you become his girlfriend? Did he delete his profile?

This guy certainly seems to enjoy his showing off his cockpit.
Not only does he like to fly, my guess is he also likes dropping his fly and has had many a wild blew yonder.
My advice? Over and out.

There is a flaw in this dateing thingie, don’t you want a relationship, cant buy love. are you willing to be a friend? Then are you a trustworthy friend? Hold up a mirror, make a decision. I’m a woman who lost a husband to cancer. Don’t know too much about dateing, met my husband when I was 38, didn’t want a husband because they cheat. I was his second wife, I knew he was a cheater, and was able to meet some of his others at his memoral. Yess he even cheated on me, but I beleive we were friends. That relationship lasted just over 10 years, then I was able to met a friend, we have had a friendship now longer than I was married, I pefer friendships, they are better than relationships anyday.

You went out with a guy a FEW times, put EVERYTHING into the “relationship” AND you are SPENDING MONEY on him? Please give me your address so I can come over and slap some sense into you. Really. What are you thinking?

You barely know this man, and you can hardly wait to invest you emotions and money in him? The only thing you should be investing at this point is some date nights to see how things mutually pan out.

Tell him to run.

I would get a pregnancy test because you seem to have missed a few periods there.

Thank You guys for the great advice, needless to say I have moved on to bigger and better things, this guy turned out to be a real jerk and was a waste of time, I love the fact that everyone took the time to write there opinion on here and some of then were indeed very funny, its nice to be able to laugh when life seem so confusing, thank you for being there and caring enough to post :slight_smile:

Mostly we took the time to comment on your strange and persistent aversion for the use the period.

Come on, how often do we get an update on some advice given over a year ago?