Can someone please make those Old Spice Commercials stop?

You know the creepy ones where mothers sing about their sons getting laid? And now the one they aired today adds a touch of racism, which was the one box of awfulness that hadn’t been checked yet.

The worst part is is that I actually use Red Zone…

I buy that shit for my husband (if I’m doing the shopping) and I’m seriously considering boycotting the brand because of those creepy ass commercials. Axe can’t really be that bad in the hands of a responsible adult man, right? Right?

See, I find them hilarious. Creepy, yes, but we’ve already had the Terry Crew-style over-the-top wackiness, and the 80s-style parodies, so creepy is just another form of hilarious to me.

Are you saying the one with the asian mother in the bowling alley was racist? What was racist about it?

Is ther anything like imdb for commercial actors? I think one of the creepy moms is the mother from the gay coming of age flick Edge of 17.

And agreed. Those commercials are a Freudian nightmare as directed by Wes Craven.

Isn’t that Alex Borstein as Miss Swan from “MAD TV”?

I’m actually more creeped by seeing Mama stuck in the bowling ball return.

All those ads are just trying way too hard, and they fall flat on their face. Just more of the usual crap to fast forward through. What is it? Some kind of shampoo?

They’re saving the good stuff for the Super Bowl.

At least I hope so.

I’ve been saying to Pepper Mill that they ought to take those commercials, adjust them so they’re all green and black, as if shot through one of those infrared cameras, remove the soundtrack and add creept music. It’d be like watching onme of those Paranormal Activities movies, or Ghost Hunters.

Keep calm, and for every weird Old Spice commercial you see, call up the original The Man Your Man Could Smell Like spot to wash the gross away.