Can‘t Stop Rasterbating!!

I know I should, but I can’t. It’s too gooooood!

And best of all, it’s worksafe!

Okay, now THAT is cool!

It’s such a cool program; I deeply yearn to use it, and yet solely on account of the name, I cannot bring myself to download and install it on my home PC, which is used by all the family.

They need to compile a version of this program with a more family-friendly name.

You don’t want to say the title of this thread using your Scooby voice…

I rasterbated my cat.

Is it safe to say you are rasterbating like a rotherfuck?

Just don’t rasterbate your lizard.

I’ve run out of paper and am damn near out of ink.

I used to rasterbate all the time. The last one I did was of an advert for FFXII. It’s way addictive. I forget why I stopped. Meh.

Gosh, this makes me realise just how much I miss SA. It’s all I think about when I someone brings up rasterbation. :frowning:

I had a huge piece in my dorm room for a while last semester, until it became so ripped up that I had to take it down. I need a smaller piece this semester, must keep up the tradition!

You’ll go bliiiiiind!

Actually, I’ve combined rasterbator and blue marble NG to cover the wall of my office

Wow, that looks so cool! One cat per wall?!?

Can you change the name when you install it?

You don’t need to “download and install it” on your PC. Everything is done via a webform. You upload the image you want rasterbated, it does it, and then you download the final .pdf of the file, which you print. No downloading of programs involved.

This is true (except that the pdf you download also bears the name of the program). My personal preference would be to download and use the standalone version, because I don’t always work online, but my problem (and I admit it feels a bit silly) is that using the program will inevitably provoke discussion about how it was done, and I just don’t feel particularly comfortable with the name ‘rasterbation’.

Of course I realise I have no right to impose my absurd sensibilities upon the authors of free software; my options are therefore ‘like it or leave it’ and I (reluctantly) choose the latter.

Say it 20 times to yourself and your problem will be solved. :slight_smile: