Can two people use the same computer to post here?

I know I should spend more time trying to figure this out on my own and less time running my mouth in here, but is it possible for two people to use one computer to come in here? If so, how? Mr. Tequila loves this place, but doesn’t want to post under my name. Any help would be appreciated!!


Yer pal,


Hmm, I get the feeling there’s a joke going on here, perhaps like “this belongs in ATMB”, but anyway, I believe that if you go to the Home Page, you will find (at the bottom right) an option to “log out”. You can log out, then Mr. Tequila can log in.

Heh. Satan and Drain Bead, nice to see you two around again. :smiley:

Tequila Mockingbird, once Mr. Tequila’s got his own SN, him posting with his username but at the same 'puter you use is as easy as you both remembering to log in and out each time you start and finish posting. You can log in and out from the index page here. Look on the bottom, right side, just below the forum listings.

An early welcome to Mr. Tequila, btw. :slight_smile:

Actually, some quite humorous stuff can happen when one or the other forgets to clear the others ID. Case in point: Oldscratch and Rasa. He sometimes makes these osts that would otherwise be a really interesting departure for her, but since they show up in her name, people are left scratching their heads.

'Course, I can’t find any examples, but trust me, it’s funny.

Oh yeah. And the follow-up posts explaining the mistake can be funny too. :smiley:

And 2 'puters sharing an internet connection … the same rule applies? PosterA has to log off before PosterB can post? That’s what seems to be happening here at PlanMan Central. and I don’t think the other poster wants to be associated with this poster

Yep. When in doubt, remember he’s the nice one. :wink:

“Mr. Tequila” here. Thanks all for the help! We had the right idea, but nothing was working until ding ding we turned the cookies on… (or was it off)? It wouldn’t let me register until that was done, but would only let TM edit her profile. And apologies for posting this question in here, rather than in ATMB. As a long time fan of this site and Cecil, I never got around to looking at the boards, just the archives and questions of the day until she showed me around in here, so we are still trying to get the knack of the place. Also, apolgies to all in advance for the screw ups and ruffled feathers that we, and especially me, will most likely cause from a shared and very odd sense of humor and over-abundance of sarcasm :slight_smile: Happy posting and talk to you all soon:)

It’s somewhat moot now, I suppose, but this topic comes up often enough that some other folks might want to see it. I’ll bump it over to ATMB.

Allow me to mention to both PlanMan and the Turbo/Tequila axis that the administration needs to know that you’re sharing computers with someone else who is also posting here. There’s a thing called an IP number that they use to track sock puppets (posters with multiple user names, generally for the purpose of message board mayhem) :rolleyes:

So if Tequila and Turbo have the same IP number, and say Tequila and Turbo get into an angry three-way Pit fight with someone else, :smiley: then the mods might suddenly be verrrrry interrrested in the shared IP number.

So. You can e-mail TubaDiva to make sure it’s official. Especially for Turbo, who has just signed up. You don’t wanna be accused of being Tequila’s sock puppet, do you? :smiley: “If you wanna see me do my thing, pull my string…”

Suggestion for users sharing a computer.

Thanks Duck, will send an email tonight. And thanks SO MUCH for the Sock Puppet line… Like Tequila didn’t already have enough ammo as it is… now I’m her sock puppet… sheeesh… :slight_smile: