Can we please not do this again (Zimmerman media circus)?

Guess what: it’s Zimmerman. Again.

I’m not even gonna link it. I don’t think it dignifies that. I don’t want more people getting interested in it, I just want to bitch about it. It’s another case of what appears to be a clear-cut case of murder being turned into a he-said-she-said self-defense gambit by Stand Your Ground laws. A white perpetrator, a black victim. Same old story. And of course it’s turning into another big piece of national news.

Guys… can we not? Can we not turn this into a thing? The whole Zimmerman/Martin thing was dumb as all fuck the moment Zimmerman got arrested. There’s no fucking point. It’s a murder case. It has some minor significance for a certain state gun law. So what? Can we not turn this one into a year-long media circus? Can we not invite every stupid racist douchebag to spout their stupid opinion? Can we not turn it into yet another partisan, divisive, racially charged narrative? Can we just not? It was a murder in a city in a southern state. Those happen all the fucking time. Let’s just leave it at that.

This happened a year and a half ago, the guy was charged with murder, and the case is already being deliberated by the jury. I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to turn into a year long debate, unless they let the guy off, which is very unlikely to happen.

Ummmm… This has been decided already, right? Zimmerman walks, or I may have dreamed that. I see boxing in his future. Once. Once will be enough, Like Danny Bonaduce and Donny Osmond.
The thing that gets me, is this Jerry Sandusky guy. Can you believe that shit? Who in their right mind would make a habit out of fucking paper towel tubes??? In showers, no less, with innocent kids in the area??

So, this thread is about what, exactly?

Another one of Budget Player Cadet’s recreational outrage rants? No offense dude, but it seems like you’ve been doing these a lot lately.

he said she said?
i didnt realize a woman was involved int he shooting

Huh. Go figure. It’s just making the rounds in my neck of the woods. Or at least, what used to be my neck of the woods, with which I am connected over social media.

Wrong perp.

About not turning every single fucking Stand Your Ground case into another Zimmerman fiasco.

Wait, you’re saying someone got killed by someone else somewhere in the US and there may be a debate as to the intent of the killer? Shocked, I am.

so if i were to kill one of your loved one with no witnesses and claim they attacked me, you wouldnt object?

Couldn’t we settle for not turning every self-defense case into a stand your ground case, as if these issues are somehow a recent creation?

I’ve been curious if anyone else noticed this: Zimmerman’s mom was Peruvian, his dad obviously German … okay … a German in Peru maybe settled there in the mid 1940s … okay … am I the only one thinking there’s more to this story?

how is following someone down a dark alley and shooting them self defense?

[Bad German Accent]

“Any more speculations from you and it’s Lampshade Time!”



Doubt it. Someone’s always starting threads about such things…


I’m not sure what more you could possibly think there is to the story.

Without more information, I’m not sure that it is; I don’t know if you’re trying to invoke a specific example. But how is it “Stand Your Ground”? My complaint is looking at age-old difficulties inherent in self-defense claims and raving about a law that has nothing to do with a particular case as if the law caused the difficulties that have always been there.

Think of it this way: Every moment Budget Player Cadet spends on these lame and predictable RO threads is one less moment that he has to tell us all about his personal life.

For those that don’t know, he’s into underage mentally disabled girls, who he takes advantage of and actually posts about on the board.

That’s why we don’t allow people with a connection to a case to be judge or jury.

I wouldn’t. I hate my loved ones more than just about anyone else on the planet. They are the worst.

He’s probably plumping for a Nazi-war-criminals-fleeing-to-South-America connection.