Pitting Steophan

Original Title: Pitting Steophan for lying about me

Steophan said something incorrect about me:

I hadn’t said that. I challenged him on it. Over and over again, he made excuses why he couldn’t/wouldn’t find an example of me saying this. Doubling down again and again, refusing, apparently, to consider that he might have just made a mistake. Casting aspersions on me for challenging him on a claim about me:

At this point, it’s pretty clear that he’s just lying about me, either to cover up an initial boneheaded misreading or misremembering of my words, or from the very beginning for reasons unknown.

So you get pitted, Steophan. You lied about me, for no reason that I can discern. That’s shitty and dishonorable and reflects very poorly on you. Shame on you.

Mr. Law and Order ass-kisser admits to stealing shit online. Don’t expect rationality, truth, or consistency from that one.

Far as I’m concerned, he’s just a piece of shit. And I don’t think it was any simple misreading either. Double down, triple down, quadruple down. If it was a simple honest error a person would not persist like that. He’s just a piece of shit.

Just from occasionally skimming over that thread for the last few months, it seems like that guy lies a lot.

**Steophan ** is a lying sack of shit;
Water is wet;
Sun rises in the east.

Quelle surprise.

Haven’t read a Steophan post since Trayvon Martin. A wise decision, I think.

Honestly, put the guy on ignore. He’s a zero value poster and about the same as a Human being. You’ll save yourself a lot of aggravation.

I hadn’t, but that thread (and a huge part in how he responded to iiandyiiii, actually), was the last straw.

Yeah, he’s one of at least a dozen posters whose stuff I usually just skip over. Makes things a lot more pleasant around here.

I’ve not been following that thread. Looking at Steophan’s defense, it looks like the old “you’ve-said-things-vaguely-along-those-lines-so-you-probably-said-that-too-and-even-if-not-you-probably-really-meant-it” approach. Very common around here.

Not that that’s an excuse or anything. Just a bit of context.

It might be common. I try hard to avoid it, and I think it’s appropriate to call it out and criticize anytime it occurs.

Not questioning the OP here, but if I had this reaction to everyone who said something false about me, I’d be clogging up the Pit with new threads. :slight_smile:

Anytime it happens to you, maybe. I don’t see you Pitting the other posters in that thread for claiming Steophan is a Nazi or gets a sexual thrill from seeing black people beaten or any of the rest of it. To be fair, I didn’t see you doing that, but it is the Pit after all.


People are saying those things to mock Steophan. They are accusing him of saying things he never said, just as he did with iiandyiiii.

Or, as they say in my country, “woosh”.

Sure – me too. I started this one because he just kept doubling down, and then insinuated that I was being dishonest by challenging him on it.

If you’re saying that I might be more sensitive to transgressions against my person than those against others, then I think you’re accusing me of being human. If so, I won’t deny it.

I’ve disagreed with Steophan a few times, but he doesn’t strike me as some sort of right wing automaton (not that being a left wing automaton would be any better). I’ll also say that sometimes, particularly on long threads like the one in question, sometimes people post things that are factually incorrect because they’re relying on their memory and it fails them. I’ve been guilty of that at times. I admit that I don’t follow his every post so I don’t know his entire posting history, but he’s never jumped out at me as a troll, shill, or flamer.

Being factually incorrect isn’t a big deal. That’s not why I’m pitting him. It’s because he refused to produce a cite when asked, doubled and tripled down that everyone knew that I had said this (and I haven’t), and then insinuated I was being dishonest by challenging him on it and asking him for a cite. I thought that warranted a Pitting.

When that happens and you’re challenged on it, you’ve got to back it up or back off.

I understand how things work in the Pit. You post what you think, and then I post what you “really” think, which is a secret desire to be sodomized by a llama wearing a pink tu-tu and a swastika.

After all, you have admitted it in multiple threads.