Steophan is an arrogant and amoral prick


We are talking about the Trayvon Martin case…

He vehemently feels Zimmerman was correct in the actions he took–he sees no inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s story and he sees the law allowing him to walk. He sees nothing wrong with ANY of the actions Zimmerman took. He feels Zimmerman is being unjustly treated.

I vehemently disagree with him on all counts.

Things boiled over yesterday–this guy called me a “moral coward” because I apparently don’t have the guts to see Zimmerman was correct. Here is the link.

If you want more background, read the last few pages before the comment.

We have been going back and forth for the last month.

So because I don’t support Zimmerman, I am a moral coward.

This guy isn’t even from the US and is telling me, who has served on a jury, what the law is and how the court systems work.

The nerve of these people.

Also, that thread seems to have become a base for people to express their ill-feelings and stereotypes about African-Americans

References have been made to:

“gangsta culture” (Whatever the fuck that means)
superior black athletic ability
Al Sharpton
black music/culture
black crime

Bullshit terms (that I usually hear floated around by right-wing bigots) are being used like “race-bait” and other compound terms that would make George Orwell proud.

I am tired of these people posting their bullshit over the internet for all to see.

And yes Steophan, you are an arrogant and amoral prick.

Shodan gets a mention too.

People are still talking about that?

160+ pages, yup.


Holy shit. I think I stopped reading after page 1.

You’ve served on a jury?? And someone on the Internet isn’t accepting you as a legal expert?

This is very shocking. I’m shocked.

lol…but seriously, it’s just the combination of shit he’s written over the weeks, that’s all.

It does rather tend to repeat after a while.

But if you just read the posts from our friend the OP, you miss some interesting stuff. “Interesting” in the sense of “Dear God in heaven have mercy - they let this guy into a jury box?”


i have been a fair juror–I listened to the judge’s instructions extremely carefully, even asking him to repeat it. My deliberations were done with the instructions and law in mind, at all times.

When people’s lives are in question, things must be taken seriously–

and also, maybe he’ll read some of the shit you’ve written “race-baitor” and 'no limit nigg* with a hair trigga".

Did the judge mention how people should not be punished by the legal system unless they have been shown to have broken the law?


Great. Martin/Zimmerman: The Pit thread

This guy…

The trio of Steophan, Shodan and Magiver make me piss my sides with their dedication to saving 2012’s Neighbourhood Watch Person Of The Year.

If you think he’s such a good egg and a credit to Floridan society, why don’t you offer him a position as your fucking neighbourhood watch captain and see how long it is before he fucks up again?

It had to happen eventually and now the 2 sides can really get their teeth into each other, in a purely literal sense, of course.

Who the fuck said he was so great? Just because clowns like you want him imprisoned for having his nose busted doesn’t make him Citizen of the Year - it just makes you look like a jackhole.


I’ve contributed to the thread - and I’m subscribed so I keep reading and pot-shot posting every once in a while - but it’s a friggin’ fool’s game at this point. It is no longer a “humble opinion and speculation thread,” it’s two parts lawspeak minutia, three parts Matlock, four parts SVU, inside of an NRA meeting rolled up into various explanations about how no one deserves to get attacked for merely walking through a back yard. Whether it’s Martin or Zimmerman who’s been unfairly attacked depends on the poster.

It’s about a step away from Tot-mom territory.

And then, of course, how do you argue with people who don’t give the first slimy shit that Martin is dead at all. In their minds, he fucking deserved it. Witness **Shodan’s **posts in this very thread.

No crime was committed, he states confidently, because how could there be? That dead body with the bullet in it? Eh, shit happens.

No, just because cockwipes like yourself want to believe every bit of shit that comes out of Z’s mouth, you are quite happy to see a shoddy investigation be carried out because you also want to believe that Trayvon was an aggressive thug who Z had every right to put down like a rabid dog.

All while you are claiming to be the arbiters of justice and fairness.

as long as the person he fucks up with is of swarthy complexion and has a hoodie, it’s all good. :smiley:

I’ve said this over and over and over, you stupid troll - I believe those parts of Zimmerman’s testimony that are backed up by evidence. You (and that clown betenoire39) cannot seem to come up with any evidence for your wilder accusations.

Look, you are a drug dealer and thug, so naturally you are going to sympathize with the criminals in any situation. We understand that. But let’s not let the fact that you were dropped on your head as a child interfere with the legal justice system here in the US.


Fuck off…

What fucking evidence do you need?

Even the resident lawyer Bricker said that the substance exists for at least a manslaughter charge…and lord knows we have had our disagreements–but I respect his opinions.

You keep talking about evidence, but every fucking word ZImmerman said is evidence…
in one of the interviews, Zimmerman even said he doesnt remember if he hit his head on the concrete or a SIGN–yes, he said that. Hence my speculation about that.

If I find shit not adding up in statements he made, that’s the way it is–let the speculation begin.

You can’t fucking say that some guy was bashing your damned head on the concrete, put his hands over your mouth to muffle your screams all the while the guy doesn’t have any real blood or saliva evidence on him to prove it.

And I have to accept the bullshit? And if I am a juror, I still must acquit him?

You’re fucking serious?

Who’s the fucking clown here?